Cherry juice at home: recipes

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Cherry juice in the home can be done in different ways.Often such beverages boiled and canned for the winter.However, some cooks prefer to use them only in fresh form.

How exactly should prepare cherry juice at home, we will describe a little further.

making fresh juice from the cherries in the home

Have you tried ever fresh cherry juice?Recipe of the beverage does not require a lot of time and ingredients.But to get a really tasty and healthy juice, you have to work hard.

So, to make yourself a fresh cherry juice, we need:

  • Freshly cherries - about 2 kg;
  • drinking water - use at will;
  • sugar - about 100 g (to taste).

processing component

before a cherry juice, it should be carefully handle freshly berry.She sorted out, spread in a colander and thoroughly washed.Then squeeze all the cherry pits.Do this over a deep bowl.Juice that will flow during the procedure, should not be poured.It must be connected to a pulp.

Do drink

Once the berries are processed, starting to squeeze the juice.To do this, spread the cherries in a fine sieve, which is set over a deep container.Grind all the ingredients tolkushkoy, get pretty thick and sweet gruel without cake.By the way, the peel and other pulp remaining after the implementation of these actions, you can throw them out or cook compote.

Grind all the berries in a sieve, spread them in a multi-layer gauze and then squeeze out all the contents strongly bag.As a result of these actions, you should get a thick and concentrated drink maroon.

How to store and use?

Fresh cherry juice should not be stored for too long (even in the refrigerator).This is due to the fact that it is rapidly oxidized and spoiled.If you think that this drink has too sour and concentrated, then it is possible to further add a little sugar and drinking water.

Fresh cherry juice is not recommended to use for people with diseases of the stomach and other organs of the digestive tract.

harvested cherry drink for winter

cherry juice for the winter harvest is good to those who love the cold season to enjoy its own production of natural drinks, filling your body with vitamins.

To implement this recipe we need:

  • Freshly cherries - about 2 kg;
  • drinking water - 500 ml;
  • sugar - about 250 g (to taste).

Preparation of basic product

As for the winter harvest cherry juice?The recipe of the drink requires the use of only fresh berries.She sorted out and thoroughly washed, and then squeeze out all the bones.The product was then placed in a small sieve and rubbed using tolkushkoy.The remaining berry cake from discarded from the pulp and juice boil.


drink cherry juice to home was not damaged and remained unchanged until late in the winter, it must necessarily be subjected to heat treatment.Of course, such a procedure would deprive the majority of vitamins berries.However, the only way you can enjoy a drink in the cold season.

After careful grinding her cherry pulp put in an enamel container and then added to normal drinking water, and sugar.Mix all ingredients, bring to a boil them.Cherry juice boil on low heat for about 3 minutes, proceed to its conservation.

How to preserve the drink?

After berry juice is ready, it is poured into sterilized glass jars.Next, cover the container lid and set in a pan on the bottom of which stele towel.Bay dish with water (up to shoulders of cans), it is brought to a boil.In this form of cherry juice is kept for half an hour.Then the hot tank is removed and sterilized lids close.

turned the jar upside down, about their days cooled at room temperature and then removed in a basement or cellar (ie any cool room).Consume the juice can be just a few days.

Boil the juice with seeds

According to experts, in the bones of cherries contains hydrocyanic acid, which adversely affects human health.In this regard, a berry juices can not be stored too long.They should be consumed within 2-3 months.

So, to make juice with cherry pits we need

  • Freshly cherries - about 2 kg;
  • drinking water - 3-5 liters;
  • sugar - about 400 grams (add to taste).


berry berries for this juice should be taken fresh as possible.They are sorted, and then spread in a colander and thoroughly washed.After that dried cherries and distribute for three-liter jar, which is sterilized in advance.

For more delicious and concentrated juice container filled with half or a third part.

cooking process

cooking cherry juice with seeds should be in several stages.First, a large enamel pot poured plain water, and then bring it to the boil.Pour into a bowl sugar, waiting for its complete dissolution.The resulting syrup is poured into banks, which were laid out in advance berries.

Fill the vessel to the shoulders, cover their lids and leave in this position for 20-35 minutes.After the color of the water changes and becomes dark red, the banks close the lens cover with small holes and poured the juice back into the container.Having tasted the drink to taste, add to it an additional sugar (if necessary).This syrup is brought to a boil and then poured into banks.At this time the pot immediately roll up, turn upside down and covered with a thick blanket.

As such, cherry drink stand about 3 days, and then removed in the refrigerator or cellar.

When can I use?

cherry juice with seeds should be insisted in a dark and slightly cool room about 3-5 weeks.Such prolonged exposure beverage will make it more intense and delicious.

spill cherry juice for a tall glass, its taste on the palate.If he gets too sweet and concentrated, it can be diluted with ordinary drinking water (cooled down boiled water).

taste of this drink is very different from the usual taste of cherry juice made seedless.


Independently zagotavlivaya home of cherry juice in the winter time you can no longer buy flavored drinks in the store.By the way, the latter contain not only a lot of sugar, but also harmful additives that adversely affect human health.