How to upgrade the "Android" on your phone: the main approaches

Update firmware and mobile devices can be yourself, to do this, just read the instructions.Some users still do not know how to update the version of Android on your phone, so calling for service.In order to independently replace a newer platform, in fact, you do not need any special (paid) software or additional devices.On the mobile operating system "Android" is currently running a large number of devices, including smartphones.In order for your device has more features and capabilities, you will need to update the firmware.Manufacturers produce free software packages that are placed in the public domain, you only need to download them, and then properly install on your machine.Let us analyze the question of how to update the version of "Android" on the phone, because now it is very important.

History Project

Not everyone knows that the described platform has been set up a little-known company, and then the operating system has already taken control of Google, which owns one of the largest search engines, as well as several other popular services.The first version of "Android" has been developed in 2008.But at the moment there is just over thirteen updates that are made by professional designers of Google.Not many people know how to update their own Android.Phone after studying this article, you will be able to properly set up and on their own, without involving the help of professionals.If you read the instructions carefully, you should have absolutely no problems in this regard, since all is done in just a few clicks.


So, first let's understand the fact why the company is constantly releasing new versions of its operating system.The fact that these add-ons are available to all users, they are corrected errors of previous developments, as well as add special features and functionality.If you want your device to be modern, then you definitely need to go through this procedure.In fact, the question of how to update the firmware version of Android, is not complicated.If you'll come to this matter properly, then you should have no difficulties.Once an internet connection is established successfully, you need to go to "Play Market" and there download the current platform.

Another way

Besides official specialists that develop firmware, there are also private, just they create alternative versions for users who do not wish to see in your mobile device, some suggested, or even, one might say, imposed servicesfrom Google, which as such is currently a considerable amount.


There are several ways by which you can upgrade.Today we will talk only about the most popular of them, and certainly they will be, and you are interested in and comfortable.The main rule: before you engage in the implementation of the next update, you will need to fully charge the battery and synchronize all their data so that they may in the case of any failures are not lost.Save contacts, for example, you can by using the mail service Google, is currently a similar tool can be used absolutely any user.And the interesting thing is that you can sync to make just a few clicks, and after a successful installation of the new firmware to download all your data back to your mobile device.

Automatic option

Let's start with the first, the most simple and common method.If you are using a new mobile device, then surely you already have your account when GooglePlay.Accordingly, once the system you will automatically offer to search for the current program elements.In order to successfully upgrade "Android" on your phone, you definitely need to connect to a wireless Internet network.Further it is possible to wait for messages from the device.If you have a device, regularly pops up a proposal for finding the current software, then you already know how to upgrade the version of "Android" on your phone, as for the firmware update is required to press a few buttons and your mobile system has all of the complex tasks are performed independently.


So, let's analyze the second method of how to update the version of "Android" on your phone.It is also simple, and if you react to instructions carefully, then you should have no problems.To start, you need to go to the setup menu, and then click a few buttons to happen connection to the Internet.Always remember that when deciding on how to update your version of "Android" on your phone, you need access to the network, as the loading will take place precisely to help her.

update in stages: an algorithm of actions

1. Connect the device to the Internet.
2. Go to "Settings", then "On the System" (the name may vary depending on the version).
3. Turn on the automatic update system, check the availability of relevant amendments.
4. Go to the Market, if the procedure fails.
5. We find the current version of the platform for your device via the search menu.
6. If that does not work, go to the official site of the operating system "Android" and get updates there.
7. Set this item as a regular application.

Important!Various misconduct during an update can harm your smartphone up to the loss of efficiency.So be careful to assess their strength, the risks and benefits of re-flashing the phone yourself.