How to draw a cat face.

Sometimes there are situations when it is necessary to impose on the face makeup.This is usually required for the masquerade.Also, young children love to engage in such occupation and to decorate your face.This article tells you how to draw a cat on the face of the child or adult.During operation observe the accuracy and all lines do symmetrical.Let us consider in detail, step by step how to draw a cat face.

Skin preparation Before you start work, you must correctly process the skin.You need to clean the face with a cleanser.In this case, a make-up will be held for a long time and not be spread in the most inopportune moment.

After you have washed, moisten the skin by any suitable cream.If you are going to draw a cat muzzle on the face of the child, the child can use a light cream.Once the tool is completely absorbed, you can begin to work.

Creating a tone

Surely everyone knows that there are cats of different breeds.Some are gray in color, while others are the owners of the red or black woo

l.Since the most popular color is gray, then it will be created and it is on the face.

Take the white base for decorative makeup.Before the face to draw a cat, try cooked shade on a separate area of ​​the skin.

Apply foundation on the skin of the forehead, chin, cheeks and the area under the nose.Then you add gray.This can be done using conventional decorative shadows.Take a large brush to apply blush and make gray stains on white basis.Do not worry if the shade has turned out uneven.Cat rare color of one tone of the coat.

Drawing lines

How to draw a cat on the face after applying the pitch?You will need markers for akvagrima or conventional decorative pencils.Draw a clear line of up to five millimeters thick on the sides.Getting the band should take from the corners of his eyes.Then make perpendicular lines on the forehead between the eyebrows.Probably all seen the gray kitten with such a "make-up".

next step is to process the cheeks.Make smooth lines running from the inner corner of the eye on the lower eyelid to the cheek.Remember that all the bends must be rounded.Similarly, create the scenery on the chin.

final element of makeup

When the main work is done, it is necessary to complement the makeup finishing touches.Before the face to draw a cat, think about what color will the nose, mouth and mustache.

nose kitten can be pale pink or black.Draw it with a lipstick or a decorative pencil.It should be located at the tip of a human nose.

Then Draw a point from which grow a mustache.This can be white or black pencil - your choice.Draws a clear round mark on the area under the nose.Remember that if at the beginning of this section was coated white base, it is better to give preference to black elements.

Next Draw mustaches.They also may be black or white.Some breeds of cats you can meet both the shade antennae.The lines must be clear and thin.For their carefully sharpen a pencil drawing.

In conclusion, it is necessary to draw a mouth.The upper lip in cats is usually not visible, it is important to remember when creating makeup.The lower part of the mouth may have a pink or black.Draw it with a stick or a lipstick.

For maximum effect, you can work separately with the eyes.For this you need a cat lenses and false eyelashes.It is worth recalling that for the children's make-up the use of these elements should be abandoned, since they can damage eyes.

Instead of conclusion

Now you know how to draw a cat face.This can be done quite quickly with all the necessary tools and decorative paints.After completion of the masquerade is necessary to thoroughly clean the skin.This can be done using conventional cleanser or baby soap.Next, you need to moisturize the skin and give her a break from decorative paints and tools.