The writing on the theme of "Friendship": writing rules, and the basic essence of the plan

essay on "Friendship" - is perhaps the most frequent task in the school curriculum.And to implement it should be approached not as an ordinary rewrite (it is no secret that the work is now almost no one creates their own), but as an opportunity to share their thoughts.

Features genre

In fact, the essay on "Friendship" - it's the same thing as an essay.Essai translates as "an essay test, an attempt."There is such a genre as an essay, and it involves writing small works free of the composition.

For these characteristics define what should be an essay: brief, concise, interesting.But do not take that as a recommendation to restrict two small paragraphs.You must write a little, but on the subject - that is, specifically.It is important to express my own personal experiences, thoughts and ideas.In terms of function and scope of the work can border with little philosophical essay.Association, aphorisms, imagery, antithetical thinking free style - that is peculiar to the genre of the essay, in contact with the composition.In fact, this is the easiest genre in which students may express themselves.They are not familiar concepts such as digest, review, scientific article, reportage notes, etc.But writing an essay - the best that can be selected for the disclosure of their creative writing abilities.

Rules for

essay on "Friendship" must have a certain structure.In addition, it is desirable to follow certain principles in the process of writing.To make it easier to design it, it is worth remembering about the rules that will help in this.

So essay denies rewriting.In no case can not plagiarize - is very important to be able to state exactly the information, which is owned by the author.This is the value of the essay.Especially in the case of a given topic.Moral and ethical essays should be written independently, without any information or fact-finding assistance - just so happens to write honestly.

But students can turn to some sources, to guide your thoughts in the right direction.It will be a good help and, one might even say a guide.However, statements, conclusions and ideas must be strictly personal.

Essay scheme

plan to write an essay on the easiest way.If it is, then why not build on it?And we mean not the plan that looks like scheme "entry - the main part - the conclusion," and several others.For example: "The introductory part - 2-3 sentences about what is friendship plus quote the famous writer.The main part - to explain the main problem.Affect concepts like "trust", "reliability", "dedication", explain their importance and how they deal with friendship, "- etc.It requires a detailed plan that would flesh out ideas.So chances to get lost in their own ideas minimized.In addition, you can check written to the drawing up of plans - this also helps to concentrate.

most important thing - to understand and identify the problem

In general, an essay on a topic related to the moral and ethical concepts should come from the heart.In journalism, the rule: do not write about what the author did not have a clue because his ignorance in a particular area just spoil the story.The reader the impression that the text written dilettante.

essay on "Friendship" ("Love", "Loyalty", etc.) you can write a good and beautiful only if the person understands what lies beneath these familiar words.You can make a mistake in terms of structuring essays.However, if the essay is written very dry, banal, and it is not present in the semantic load - it will not be interesting.The text should touch the soul of the reader and make him think.And it does not matter who will read the essay - a teacher, a classmate, a parent or a magazine editor.

So that writing essays - is not just testing of spelling and grammatical skills, and also an opportunity to prove himself as a writer, and perhaps the future journalist.