Economists - it drives business

Since the end of the last century to the present day economics profession remains the most fashionable.The crisis has made some adjustments to the popularity of this profession.How easy is it to find work for economists, whether graduates of universities to act in this direction?

Many applicants tend to enroll in economic institutions, but not everyone knows exactly what functions are performed by an economist and what is the meaning of his work.What is the profession of an economist?Let us examine this in more detail.

economist - who is this?

Generally speaking, the economists can be attributed to the experts that provide the enterprises, companies effective economic activity.Most often, this profession is adjacent to the marketers, financiers, accountants, managers.

economists - these are people who are always in high demand at those enterprises where it is necessary to carry out continuous analysis of economic activity, is required to calculate finance, flow control means.This profession is

always needed, it can be confidently attributed to the highly paid.Due to the fact that a plurality of adjacent areas, the scope of activities is wide.For example, economist and manager - highly qualified specialists working in the field of business administration.In the last century the notion of a manager, when the company was invited assistants (control).The manager had a clear plan and organize the work in the enterprise, to teach people, to distribute responsibilities, in general, to know everything you need for coordinated work of the team.Now the managers of a large organization in every department, they are responsible for some narrow focus, such as advertising manager, sales manager or manager-economist.

What you need to know?

Economist - it is a profession, which is the basis for higher economic education.Further, in a particular direction, it is necessary to have an appropriate set of knowledge.For a financial analyst need one for statistics - more for Financial of Management, - the third.In general, any economist should have an analytical mind, have a mathematical way of thinking, be diligent and meticulous in work, to be able to focus quickly in any situation.Often, career economist need to know foreign languages.And certainly fluent English a positive impact on wage levels.

What economists need to know?

economists - are professionals, well-versed in complex legal documents, regulations, orders and directives.They just have to learn new teaching materials for the audit, accounting, analysis of economic activity.Should:

  • understand the intricacies of a planned economic work.Know
  • orders razrabatyvanie annual financial plans for the future, the different business plans.
  • Understand the responsibility of all records.
  • know the order for the development of financial materials, labor costs.
  • know all methods of statistics and economic analysis.
  • The introduction of new technologies and techniques economist must determine their cost-effectiveness.
  • In drawing up contracts to know the rules for registration of materials, techniques and methods for the computational work.
  • clearly know and observe time and accountability.
  • study foreign and domestic experience of the rational organization of economy in production when market conditions.
  • Know the market methods of farming, production technology, equipment for the operation of the equipment.
  • learn the basics of labor legislation, rules and regulations on labor protection.

economists - are employees who must be guided in its activities developed job descriptions.Appoints and dismisses economist in accordance with the Order Manager.

Main responsibilities

Responsibilities economists cover a wide field of activity, as a profession intersects with accounting, management, financial management.Specific duties depend on the specifics of the enterprise, the distribution of functions between the departments of the other features of Business.In some companies, the economists working on business plans, somewhere perform the functions of accountants, conduct a feasibility study costs, determine spending levels.Sometimes even so, that economists are engaged in investment, calculate the prospects for business, to solve strategic challenges.Directions, seemingly a lot - it's complexity.But on the other hand, higher economic education makes it possible to build a career in many areas of business.

prospects, salary economists

Economists - people looking far ahead.Each one starts with an ordinary office, but many have successfully move up the career ladder, becoming a department manager and later head of the company.New specialist can count on earnings from 800 to 1000 dollars.Often the salary depends on the specifics of the company: in the food, construction business salaries reach $ 1,500.Incomes rise when there is an increase in experience and careers.Experienced economists receive income at the company from 1500 to 3800 dollars.Although much, of course, it depends on the specifics, size and profitability of the company (and possibly much more modest amount).If you have analytical thinking, work with numbers - is your thing, you are diligent, scrupulous, the specialty of economist you exactly fit.