Black dust heaven

In 1988, when the multinational people of Australia noted the bicentennial of the state, and as is often the case in the great events of the hectic lost imaginative, even on a global scale.Events that even rutinёry by official science, reluctantly, had to be considered a contact if not extraterrestrial intelligence, the force is definitely with some extraterrestrial origin.

French geophysicist Dominic Lavokat comprehensively investigating unbelievable events on night road plain Nullarbor, he bowed to the conclusion that all the participants - drivers and passengers, experienced shock, horror, shock, so to speak, slipped through the eye of a needle, to separate them frominsanity and even death.Lavokat, moreover, I have done everything possible to bring to the laborious work of unraveling the "hellish road junction" young professionals.The efforts of this group of enthusiasts volunteer labored twenty years, gave stunning results.


January 19 unanimous Knowles family, plunged into the trunk of a car "Ford Telstar" gifts for friends, closer to the night has gone to Melbourne, to which there were 2 800 kilometers.Behind the wheel sat a 21-year-old Sean.On the rear seats are a mother, Mrs. Faye, two more sons - 18-year-old Wayne and 28-year-old Patrick.Also people in the car were two dogs asleep as soon as the travelers went to the brightly lit moon track.Soon all but the young man, the driver fell asleep.And Sean, considering that the moon - a great spotlight, put out the lights, fully focused on the management.

So, without substitution, and recreation, Sean, no tired, domchalsya to the border of South Australia, which is crossed in the early morning of the 20th of January.Further, the way lay on the Nullarbor Plain, which continues to hang over slightly tarnished moon.Then the young man and podsterёg inexplicable surprise, because he noticed that the moon in a subtle moment suddenly split in two.Turning to have awakened her mother and brother, he drew their attention to the strangeness.Mrs. Faye, saying that for the first time see such asked quickly rose glass windows, because a car covers the black, rubber palёnoy smelling cloud.Sean, comply with the request by clicking on the accelerator, he tried to slip out of the suffocating trap.

Not a bit of it.Black, oily, odorous dust, apparently, was so small that it is easy to leak into the sealed room, fell asleep on the knee, surprisingly, no disturbing breathe and see.A saw Sean and passengers glowing whitish platform.On the platform stood men with difficulty holding a large spotlight.Shouting that the spotlight is the second moon, Sean, to avoid a collision with an abrupt halt platform, I tried to pull over.The car did not obey the helm.And the platform had disappeared.

asked his mother and brothers, if they had seen in the direction of any aircraft in response to Sean heard that all saw the same thing - a flat object with a spotlight, manage people.Sean was seriously frightened, slammed on the brakes.Did not help."Ford Telstar", instead of stopping, raced with triple acceleration.She dragged him, as if on an invisible leash, again appeared a platform on which people are now missing, and the spotlight, but that was encircled by alternately flashing yellow and white beacons.What followed on, other than a nightmare you will not name, what Faye Knowles told reporters and scientists literally:

«When the son was able to slow down the platform, throwing clubs black fumes, he plopped down in front of the machine, preventing sharp maneuvers to bypass.Saloon car was full of dust.But if on the road next to the platform, it certainly was burning, we are seated, immobilize, not giving out and escape from the nightmare.Having sons, the only sensible solution for us - to turn back and go home, I asked Sean to calm down and wait for the disappearance of the platform. "

platform soared into the sky, hanging "moon" in the rising sun illuminated blue.Because of the black dust, soaked clothing, vabivsheysya even there, where it was impossible to hide, Knowles almost lost the ability to see.How they sat immobilized in silence, I do not remember.Because of their torpor brought a sharp and powerful blow to the roof, which began threatening to cave in.Davila platform until then, until people began to pray to stop.Platform, ending one, start another.Mechanical manipulators fascinated "Ford Telstar" in the sky.The machine does not soon flew over the road, and, according to Sean, so high that swims beneath the terrain seemed topographic map.

«Ford Telstar" was always famous for tightness.In this case, despite the fact that passengers do not feel the slightest whiff, inside the car it is completely cleaned from dust.Clothing Knowles family, too, was pristine clean and tidy.The flight also ended a hard landing.Platform freed from the machine at a height of three to four meters, damaging the chassis, wheels hesitated as sandpaper removing the paint from the body.Glass windows acquired a greenish tinge.Tires crumbled dust.There were no mysterious jokes.Being unharmed, glass lamps, position lamps, position lamps mysteriously "missed" by itself halogen lamps, literally vaporized with the terminals.

enforced after air travel Knowles took custody of doctors and psychologists, which led to the order of the deformed psyche that returned restful sleep, block a number of specific phobias.

clay in the appendage

first person on duty are investigating the extraordinary circumstances in which the family has got Knowles, was an officer of the police department in Port Arthur Lincoln Trebilcock.He not only has health care, Mrs. Faye, but questioned the drivers of transport to move towards "Ford Telstar."Drivers - there were six of them - in one voice argued that any object on the track was not in sight.Then who pokorёzhil machine Knowles, who scared them to death?

not making hasty conclusions, Trebilcock forces of several patrol cars "combed" unfortunate way, not overlooked motels.What he told truckers confirmed and supplemented the "history" Knowles.The only difference is that in the cockpit of heavy vehicles flying platform not pour black powder, and chopped into a powder the yellow clay.

Drivers John de Jong and Graham Henley testified that the flying object was just the platform looks like a reinforced concrete building slab that stove glow "from the inside", which, down to the level of the hood, like lift, dragging machine drowned engines trackbehind him.An interesting addition made Asya Kong, the bride of John de Jong, said he clearly saw underneath the platform nozzle ejecting fireballs.She had no doubt that the nozzle, but fire, and will rend the dry mist.In the air was filled with an unbearable smell of chlorine.The protocol Arthur Trebilcock also present references that Knowles suffered from the sickly smelling of chlorine.


about the exciting developments in the valley of the Nullarbor written dozens of books that are verified by a scientific basis.The main conclusion: the UFO was, and worked for a long time without causing substantial harm people psychologically testing, though preparing for something.

Equally, if not more, important is that the group of geophysicists Professor Richard Haines, conducted a subtle analysis of the black dust and yellow clay, defined component of their structure - flax fiber subjected to treatment with chlorine.At first glance, the components of purely terrestrial origin.Later identified braids, tightly woven from microscopic gold, platinum, graphite delay.

In 1994, under the skin of the family Knowles, John de Jong, Asi Kuhn, and Arthur Graham Henley Trebilcock revealed implants - chips somewhere transmitting any data.Learning of this "spicy" circumstance, a staunch supporter of a natural origin of anomalous events in the valley, Professor Peter Shverdfegger declined from the previous position.Now he calls the phenomenon studied, adjusted for extraterrestrial its origin.What is being done.

Alexander Volodya

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