What are they, the simple rules of health?

«Oh, what a shot in the waist!" - You can often hear from people."Something I have a bad mood, apathy.""My head hurts.Pressure. "In many ways, human health depends on him.Sedentary lifestyle - the scourge of the XXI century.Largely due to inactivity person gets many diseases: musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular and other.

Good sleep

We all know that you need to sleep at least 8 hours, but still violate this rule.Good sleep - the key to good health.Everyone knows, but few people in our lives the simple law: there should be three hours before bedtime, after six not eat junk food - beans, meat and so on.At night, it is not recommended to drink plenty of water because it will have to get up and knock down that you sleep rhythms.But this is only one component of good health.


in China is engaged in the Chinese gymnastics and healthy into old age.Do exercises that you fit the basic sit-ups, push-ups, pull-ups - and you're 90 percent healthy.Movement - life.All very simple, a person has about 700 muscles.When you exercise the muscles contract and relax, the blood is pushed into the blood vessels.Every muscle man - is a mini-pump, a small motor.Through the work of the muscles in the blood it gives authorities the necessary material.

virtually anywhere in the stadiums there.Walk for a few laps, and you will become stronger legs, improves mood.Previously, the entire Soviet Union, "running", but running is not all useful.For example, many people have problems with joints, and when running large load on knees and spine.It is best to walk.And useful, and do not get injured.Not everyone has the opportunity and time to visit the gym.The most simple and very effective for the health - just set the horizontal bar at home.After exercising, it is important to relax the muscles of 48 hours, we were trained.

Healthy Eating

Eat less salt and sugar.It is recommended to eat bread slightly stale.Paul Bragg advised bread dried in the sun, eat black bread.Drink enough water every day, 30 g per kilogram of body weight, in the absence of kidney problems and pressure.After the meal is undesirable to drink water, until after about 30 minutes.When we drink water immediately after a meal, we dilute the gastric juice and poorly digested food.After eating, it is important to move around.Many people, when I go, just sit for a favorite TV or Internet.It can not be done.Poor metabolism occurs, increasing the load on the heart.After the meal, walk around, do some cleaning in the apartment, do anything, just do not sit.If you have poor metabolism of fat there.Take after a meal and you will not get fat.


who first feel the "high" from the cold water, until the end of life will not leave this pleasure.It is proved that the five-second exposure to the cold water on the body beneficial effects on the immune system and the body as a whole.Ideally dial a bath with cold water and "dive" for five seconds with his head.You can start with a second dive in the bath and then slowly stand up with a cry of "Ha."Exhale important.We got out of the bath - a good rub with a towel, the body will burn, blood circulation improves.Very pleasant.Or you can just take a cold shower for 10-15 seconds.After the cold procedures have to be in a warm room or dress warmly.Over time, the immune system will "iron".

Russian bath

who visited the bath at least once, will never forget the pleasure.But it is necessary to bathe properly.After each "call" in the steam bath have to go under a cold shower in the Hot or cold water.Contrast is important, otherwise lost all sense of the Russian bath.The steam dilates blood vessels, then, when we dive into the cold water, the vessels are narrowed, that is, we force them to work.And without contrast we are just expanding the vessels and all, there is no therapeutic action.

well carry a birch or oak broom, very helpful.It is also useful to pour different liqueurs on the rocks.Take a plastic bottle and diluted tincture with water.Liqueurs are different - eucalyptus, fir, mint.Usually 3-4 do call.Excessive use of the number of "visits" is not recommended.Make sure you need to drink 1.5 liter bottle of soda, after each "call."We lose water in the body and when we drink water, avoid dehydration.

So, physical activity, quenched, eat well, sleep well.And good luck!

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