What is the matter?

Matter - is the content of our being.It is an objective reality, fills the space and serves as the main component of all living and non-living elements.The two seemingly incompatible disciplines, such as science and philosophy, and agree only on one thing - that the substance performs a major role in the life of the micro- and macrocosm.What is the matter that surrounds us and from which we are made?Why did she take such strange forms, many of which for us has not even opened?Let's try to understand this a little bit.

as that term is understood the great men?

The fact of the matter is that, and how it is so radically changes its forms, people started thinking from the time of antiquity.In those years there were no microscopes and telescopes, and even the wisest philosophers could learn a human body or a piece of wood from which knocked the chair down to the atomic level.However, antique connoisseurs well know that such a space-time and how there are all the elements.They have made the interpretation that has reached our days.The matter was divided into two parts: things fill the space, and events - time.Due to the constant progress of the last all objects and living objects can change their shape.Man is born, he grew old and died, crumbled wood, rusted metal.In the 17th century physicist and mathematician Leibniz identified as the subject matter, which determines the properties of space and time.Subsequently his work appeared in the theory of relativity.

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Looking at something under a microscope

If we turn for help to a biological optics, you can see with your own eyes, that matter is made of atoms.This is the simplest characteristic of this term, which has no rebuttals and requires no further proof.The smallest particles called atoms of all that surrounds us, and ourselves.The structure of each of them is identical.But it is in the atoms of each element of our world, whether methane clouds in Jupiter's atmosphere, or dog biscuits, encoded information about the properties of the object carrier.An atom consists of a nucleus, which is always positively charged, and electrons.When the number of protons and electrons coincides given particle becomes neutral from the standpoint of electric charge.If the equilibrium is disturbed, then the atom is converted to an ion that has a positive or negative charge.

thing into atoms?

of clusters of two or more atoms of the molecule is formed.In addition it contains information about the media and a large proportion of the coupling agent.Thanks to him, the molecules are capable of forming the very matter of which we speak.These connections transmit information from different atoms of each other and thus create an inseparable material.The most interesting thing is that the molecule may initially be grouped together various components.The most striking example here will serve as the water: it has a hydrogen and oxygen in a certain percentage.So, to understand what makes up matter, we only need to examine the elements of the periodic table and find them in certain things that surround us.

What we see with the naked eye?

pushing aside the telescope, we have received certain knowledge, we see that matter is composed of matter.Due to its structure, which can be seen through the optics, it can be one of the four states of aggregation: gaseous, liquid, solid and plasma.The first three of these, we can easily imagine the example of the same water, which, being a liquid, can turn into ice or gas.Some other elements may exist in only one of these four states.Delving into the ancient philosophy, it is impossible not to draw an analogy with the four elements.The sages were isolated among them, water, earth, air and fire.Obviously, the plasma which has been discovered recently, it corresponds to the flame.

What emits any substance?

Those who taught physics at school, we know that matter is made of energy exactly the same as from a substance.The atoms themselves and their tiny particles, moving and colliding, the radiated field with individual frequencies.They are converted into electromagnetic, gravitational and quantum fields depending on the properties of atoms of a particular substance.Since this interaction and radiation occurs everywhere, and that is the human body, and in a vacuum, and in a black hole, all our substance full of energy.Each object has an individual field, which has special properties.It turns out that the energy level we share information that unconsciously perceive and process.


We briefly considered what constitutes matter and what fields it may have.Now consider this aspect as dark matter.Scientists believe that it is composed of 85% of the entire universe.Dark matter does not emit any fields that do not have their own gravity, but it emits energy.Due to the fact that it is impossible to fix the electromagnetic waves emanating from the dark matter, we can not catch it and understand its nature.Perhaps, in a secret part of antiparticles is the secret of the creation of the universe and all of us.