Capsules "Tassimo" coffee machines for: reviews

Every true coffee lover prefers only to drink fresh with natural taste.Unfortunately, the morning did not always have time to make a cup of espresso in Turku.A match of coffee machines for drinks, cooked his own, it is simply impossible.After all, he is not the taste, and smell not.To be able to drink a cup of coffee at any time of the day, not caring about the features of its preparation, it was created capsule coffee machines.

Purpose capsules (T drive)

Not all of us can cook in Cezve delicious espresso.Therefore capsules (T-discs, "Tassimo" drives) are an invention by which you can forget about the preparation of the drink yourself.The only drawback of this invention is its exclusively designed for capsule coffee machines.

principle of cooking is based on getting the job machine for cooking special barcode on the capsule.Thus there is a regulation of temperature, pressure cooking, volume portions.Coffee machine working with coffee capsules "Tassimo" - a technique that is able to receive instruction in the form of a bar code, and then carry out the preparation of their own.

Now capsules can buy many kinds of coffee.For long-term preservation of all coffee aroma capsule is hermetically sealed.Each package contains a few capsules.Therefore, at the opening of the general packing all those in her "boxes" remain closed.

Description Capsules Capsules

"Tassimo" very convenient to use.Within each box of plastic contains the necessary amount of the beverage coffee beans.As mentioned above, each capsule there is a separate bar code with a recipe-specification car.There is also a cap.The materials from which made packaging, are absolutely environmentally friendly.

capsules Fragmentation is a huge advantage to the coffee sold in a total package.On capsules for coffee machines "Tassimo" is not affected by environmental factors: odors, light and humidity of the room.For storage coffee capsules you need to find a dark, dry place.

The capsules are well roasted and gently crushed seeds of high quality - 100% Arabica.Coffee in this class is used to make the most fragrant, tasty and beautiful drink.

appearance of coffee capsules

This package applies to the latest developments coffee industry.The predecessor of the capsule coffee ground coffee is compressed into tablets.This option is also very useful to save time.But the downside is the coffee tablets pack of paper that did not protect him from the rapid loss of its own flavor and absorb foreign odors.

Unlike compacted coffee capsules sealing occurs under a vacuum.The packing is a foil, and plastic or food-grade polymer.Therefore, the natural characteristics of the beverage packaging is stored in such a well.

The first coffee capsules was made in 1998 and implemented in Switzerland.More then earned the approval of new consumers.Who capsule "Tassimo" continues to receive numerous positive reviews.

Reusable capsules - T capsule

Reusable capsules "Tassimo" were created for quick and simplified as much as possible the preparation of a delicious drink.Now, the consumer only needs to choose the type of coffee and any additional components on your own.

Judging by the reviews, a man who starts to use the capsule is faced with such claims:

  1. capsule coffee machine is not suitable for ordinary coffee.
  2. capsules from different manufacturers do not match each other.
  3. All the time to buy new expensive coffee capsules for a purse.

Therefore, as evidenced by the reviews, you can pour in the coffee capsules purchased separately.The only mandatory criterion when purchasing future content is fine grinding.

Reusable - is convenient and allows you to save the property.It eliminates the need to purchase each time a pack of coffee.Judging by the reviews, each capsule can be used more than 30 times, but less than 100.

Coffee "Bosch"

Coffee "Bosch Tassimo" for several years now extremely popular in European countries.But the beginning of the supply of kitchen equipment in Russia was initiated only in late 2011.

in Russia delivered the machines:

  1. TAS20 (white and red).
  2. TAS40 (black, silver, red, orange).
  3. TAS65 (color "anthracite").

All of them are the same characteristics, and their main differences are in the control system.In TAS20 it is made simple and TAS65 - at an advanced level.There is also a model for offices and small cafes "Tassimo PROFESSIONAL".

Action kofemashin "Bosch Tassimo" is somewhat different from the work of their fellow capsule.Each capsule coffee (called T-disc) has a two-dimensional bar code, one for coffee machines.It is only necessary to install the T-disc and start the cooking process.After the end of cooking coffee is available to the user changing strength of the drink by adding water into it.

capsules for coffee machines "Bosh"

company "Kraft Foods" makes capsules for coffee machines "Bosch Tassimo."In Russia, on sale is a capsule, with which you can prepare drinks:

  1. Espresso.
  2. Cappuccino.
  3. Latte macchiato.
  4. Coffee "Cafe-cream" (medium strength).
  5. caramel latte macchiato.
  6. Hot chocolate,
  7. Tea (for coffee machines "Tassimo PROFESSIONAL").

A wider range of types of coffee yet, you can only buy abroad.Judging by the reviews, all drinks are delicious.Tea, prepared after a coffee, have some coffee aroma.Therefore, people were advised to use the coffee machine only for the preparation of the latter.

When the drink provides for a dairy component, for example in the latte or cappuccino, the preparation you need to consistently use 2 capsules: coffee and milk.Capsules "Tassimo" milk are not simply a solution made from powdered milk and water.They contain only ultrafiltered and concentrated milk.Appropriate technology, for which the processing of fresh milk, was established by employees "Kraft Foods" special project "Tassimo".

Capsules "Tassimo" - is not only a new fashion of coffee, but also a very convenient and useful invention.Modern coffee machines are designed to minimize the actions that are necessary to carry out the preparation of coffee.A man who does not have the right skills to perfect cooking delicious drink by using these capsules, able to easily prepare a stunning espresso.To do this, you need to implement a one-time pressing machine.