How to remember dreams?

In this article, we will understand how to remember dreams.We all see them when we sleep, but for some reason at the time, as some are happy to share with others for interesting dreams, while others claim that the dreams they never dream.In fact, the night vision come to them, they just do them for some reason do not remember.

Why do not people remember dreams

Scientists have long been established that a person can permanently forget about his dreams because of the peculiarities of brain activity.For some individuals in the border region of the parietal and temporal cortex operates more strongly than the other members of the human race.That first category and remembers his dreams better and more often.

other part of humanity, in which said part of the brain is active enough, wake up, do not remember what they dreamed anything.The first sleep sensitively and can often wake up at night, but at the second dream, on the contrary, a deep, calm and measured.

Why remember dreams?

And really - why?Well, firstly, in the dream state, we spend as much, and the third part of his life.Once a shame that such a great piece of precious life is in total darkness.But dreams have a direct effect on our emotional well-being after waking.This happens even if the person does not remember them.Pleasant dreams cause vigor and growth, gives self-confidence, but dreamed a nightmare, however, can unsettle the whole day, people will be depressed and wonder why today he got on the wrong foot.

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Besides the causes of sleep may be different.Sometimes dream analysis helps to cope with psychological problems.Dreams can warn about anything, they may be prophetic.Not without reason in the world there are so many different dream book.Great importance attached nocturnal dreams: the founder of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, astrologer and soothsayer Nostradamus, and the world-famous scientist Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev table saw in a dream, where they were orderly and well systematized all the chemical elements.He could only fix their vision - and here we use the periodic system of chemical elements to this day.

Dreams and reality

real life and dream interdependent and very closely.Whatever happened to the man in reality, sooner or later it is reflected in his dreams.It is a natural necessity of the conscious and subconscious, the brain and body.The brain can be called a large bank of all vital decisions are ever made man, a giant repository of information about all the words and deeds, about the world.During sleep, when the mind is turned off at the subconscious there is an opportunity to re-design, correct and modify what is happening around.

As the protagonist of his dream, the person gets the opportunity to learn more about his attitude to the surrounding people and their response towards him.Having fixed in his mind a vivid dream, we get a chance to know the depth of his true capabilities.Therefore, it would be wrong to underestimate the importance of what shows us the astral.

sleep phase

Before tell you how to remember dreams, we would like to explain a little bit the structure of the dream.When a person sleeps, he is going through two phases of sleep - slow and fast.And wherein the one and other alternate among themselves and, in turn, are divided into several phases.If a person is healthy, his dream always begins with the first slow stage, which then passes into the second - fast.Long night sleep are many cycles, during which phase replace one another.Slow proceeds in four steps, or stages, of which the third and fourth are the deep (incidentally, also called delta sleep).In this phase, it is difficult to wake the person, it is completely disconnected from the outside world and seeing different scenes.However, waking up at this time, people rarely remember that he had a dream.

quite another thing - a phase of sleep fast.This stage is characterized by muscle twitching, rapid eye movement.If at this time a person wakes up, in most cases, will remember what he dreamed.An interesting fact is that the dream of a second before awakening - the brightest and remembered for a long time.

Tips for better memory dreams

Now begins the most important part of our story.Do you want to learn how to remember dreams?Read carefully the following list of recommendations:

1. It is necessary to go to bed as early as possible to sleep properly.In the morning a fresh mind to remember everything that happened in the dream, it will be much easier.

2. Try to establish close contact with his unconscious H. If you are persistent and makes it clear to your subconscious that you wish to hear and understand everything that is eager to tell you, it can begin to answer.

3. What to do to remember a dream?Before falling asleep, try repeating to himself the words: "I will remember everything that I dreamed."

4. It is necessary to try several times during the night to wake up.To do this before going to bed you can drink plenty of water - in this case the organism itself you will wake up.In those moments when you wake up, catch your dream and realize it is the easiest.

5. Waking up, do not immediately get up.Try to enjoy the little half-asleep state, where dream and reality, as it were mixed with each other.

6. Discard the alarm - this device may interfere with memorization of the plot, because its sound rude interrupts sleep and makes a person a sharp transition in the waking state.Inside, we have our own biological clock, and if you give yourself installation wake up at 6 or 7 o'clock in the morning, something like that would happen.

7. Feeling that wake up, try not to move immediately and not to open any time your eyes.Lie still, focus on the images and visions that will occur in the head.

8. How to remember the dream?Fix some memory key images or moments of dreaming.If the whole dream is not completely recall, describe himself fragments, feelings and moods.

9. Tell people you know that you had a dream.Words give night vision and more stable form can result in a chain of memories of their details.

10. Put on the nightstand next to the bed next to a notebook with a pencil or pen, and let the vicinity is sure to be a weak source of light that can be easily incorporated, if necessary.Such light can not stay awake completely, but you can record what you just dreamed.

Logging dreams

So you've got a special notebook, the pages of which you will verify all the details of the night of dreams.This is very important!Do not rely on your memory, even if you had a dream so vivid that it seems that it is impossible to forget.After only a few hours, you may find that memory once you let down.So it is necessary to keep records, and this should be done immediately after waking up.

12 questions for magazine profiles

In order to facilitate the work with the magazine dream, we recommend using a special, pre-harvested questionnaire.Just try to responsibly and honestly each time to answer the following twelve questions:

1. What was your role in the dream (passive, active, aggressive, and so on. D.)?

2. What emotions and feelings experienced in dreams you and other participants?

3. Does the story dreams any relation to what is happening in your life?

4. Who were the heroes of your sleep - relatives, friends or strangers?Try to remember everyone.

5. Present Is the dream any characters (animals, house, gold, water, and so on. D.) Or unusual properties?What does it could be specific to you?

6. How does the dream as a whole relate to the properties it is your personality?

7. What are the main events of the dream?It is important to follow at least partially the logic of what is happening, not only to understand later how to remember dreams, but also to learn how to really do it.

8. What is happening in a dream of you like to avoid?

9. Think to what actions or meditation encourages you to that vision?

10. whether caused by any of the dream forgotten memories, whether it has a relationship to the past?

11. There you have, thanks to the bed, the other issues not included in this questionnaire?

12. How do you think whether the dream a meaning, a message was sent to you and why?

How to prepare for bed

Going into the realm of Morpheus, you need to keep a clear mind, not blurred by alcohol, drugs or too much fatigue.Lie on your back and try to relax completely.It is not so easy, we are under the yoke of constant muscle clamps, and some groups of muscles can not relax even during sleep.Reassure your breath, let it be smooth and rhythmic.Incidentally, it is also an excellent recipe for insomnia.If you are close to understanding and loving person, ask him to make you a light relaxing massage.Under the pillow can be put bunches of herbs: thyme, rosemary, lavender.

Lucid dreaming

Here are some very important advice on how to remember a dream: try to turn it into a lucid dream.To do this, you need to have a firm intention.Give yourself installation, once you feel that you fall asleep, I immediately look will try to find their own hands.If you master the technique sim, then your dreams will be more clear and memorable.This is the first step on the path to mastering the art of lucid dreaming, and it will be for you is enough.Further practice more dangerous and require the mandatory presence of an experienced mentor.

ancient magical rite

If you are not afraid of magical practices, here is a simple description of the ceremony, which will help to achieve these goals.Necessary conditions for the commission of this action: the presence of a musical instrument and night without fail on Thursday.Before going to sleep, you need to publish a musical sound on the instrument and said: "My dream clearer. What I see, something to remember."And then to add: "Concealed cutting, empty - Switch".Then you can go to bed, lie down, recall the musical sound and whisper the magic spell again.

Conclusion Now that you know how to learn to remember dreams.But only one will help to master the knowledge of this science, it is necessary to practice.If you every day to follow simple tips outlined in this article, you gradually begin to receive.