What is chocolate?

What is chocolate?Now we will talk about his views.Also look at how chocolate is useful and how to choose such a treat.


first sort out the many varieties of this favorite delicacy.

So how is chocolate?Dairy.It comprises milk powder, lecithin, chocolate liquor and cocoa butter.When choosing a need to check the composition as for the manufacture of milk chocolate is often used artificial (non-natural) ingredients.

than once carried out opinion polls, a result of which it became aware that it is this kind of the most popular.


What is chocolate?White.It is a mixture of sweet milk proteins, sugar and cocoa butter.It does not contain any cocoa powder or chocolate liquor.Very often, a delicacy made from hydrogenated vegetable fats.To summarize: it turns out that the white chocolate has nothing to do with chocolate, which is made on the basis of cocoa.However, as part of this delicacy have cocoa butter (a little), because of it becomes white tiles.

Black (bitter) chocolate chocolate

What is the most useful?Of course, black.It cocoa content exceeds 50%.This chocolate has tannins, it is rich in antioxidants and flavonoids.Scientists have found that this delicacy is especially helpful to girls during PMS.This chocolate is different intense flavor and rich aroma.

chocolate main difference is that it chocolate liquor and a maximum of minimum of sugar.Thanks to its original composition, it is the most delicate taste without additives.The British, by the way, found that dark chocolate gives energy boost, so it is helpful to eat in the morning.

Use goodies

Useful than chocolate?Now a closer look at this topic.

  • proved that a few pieces of the goodies in day allow to overcome chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • believed that chocolate is an excellent tool for the prevention of heart attacks and strokes.
  • Before the exam it is advised to eat for improving memory.
  • He has a positive effect on efficiency, improves brain activity.
  • This kind of goodies, according to scientists, normalizes blood pressure and rescues from depression.
  • Chocolate is useful for teeth and gums.It contains essential oils of cocoa beans, which envelop the enamel, causing the bacteria do not multiply.
  • interesting fact I would like to touch on, it concerns pregnant women.A woman in a position useful to use chocolate, then her baby when born, would be more stress-resistant and cheerful.

harm goodies

We talked about what is useful chocolate.Now tell about its negative effects on the body.Previously, there was much talk about the dangers of chocolate.Some people believe that such a treat is the cause of excess weight gain or acne.Confirmation of these facts was not, on the contrary, appeared to refute the evidence.

why chocolate can be harmful only allergies, diabetics and people suffering from obesity.Other citizens can also consume this product but you should always know when to stop.It had too much, and no one was going to benefit.Chocolate does not harm your health if it is made according to the standards of good and raw materials.How to find the perfect treat?Here we'll discuss this further.

Choosing the right chocolate!

How to choose chocolate?What to look for when buying such delicacies?We've already figured out what is chocolate, and now look at the features of its choice.


  • The first thing you should pay attention - this is on the content of the cocoa beans.For example, a good dark chocolate there should be more than 50%.Now like supermarkets represented treat with 70, 80 and even 90%.
  • It is also important that any content of cocoa butter in chocolate.Sometimes it is replaced with vegetable fats, so read up, to select a quality product.
  • If you have a sweet tooth, but want to lose weight, it is best to choose a porous chocolate.Despite the fact that such tiles, as the standard (weighing 100 grams), its weight smaller - only 75 grams (rest - holes).
  • When you study the label, pay attention to flavors, choose the chocolate, which is not part of vanilla essence and vanilla.Of course, such a product will cost a bit more expensive, but the taste is simply superb.

  • As part of good chocolate must be lecithin, thus, in addition to cocoa butter and other vegetable fats should not be.
  • If you are going to buy the product of domestic production, note the name of the normative document according to which it was made.The best option - GOST 6534. The highest quality guarantee strict requirements of this regulation.If you see the letters W, then you should be wary because they can not be met all the standards and specifications only.
  • indicator of good chocolate - it melts quickly.Melting point: 32 degrees.That is, if you put a piece into his mouth, and he especially does not melt (and as you remember, human body temperature - 36.6), then think over whether to use such a treat.

Finally I would also like to talk about how to feast on chocolate.So, sit back, relax, grab a bite, but do not rush to put it in his mouth.First, think about how he came to you, how could come, feel what he feels.Then bring to a nose, taste its flavor.When you've done this, place a piece on the tongue, do not chew, feel the taste receptors.Then slowly, piece by piece, resolving it.Here's an interesting ritual.After eating one piece so you shall be filled with them completely.Try to eat as chocolate.Believe me, you will like it!


conclusion Now you know what happens chocolate.We have thoroughly reviewed his views.We hope that the information contained in this article is useful to you in life!If you ask about what is chocolate, you'll be able to talk in detail about his views, and to explain what is the difference between them.