How to identify anomalous zones

Unlike geopathic zones anomalous zones have totally different energy structure.They are characterized by the energy of the total energy background, about the same as on the earth there is a general background radiation, and there are places with a high background.The anomalous zone is always a chance to meet with the unknown.

causes of anomalous zones are different, this is the place of human activity and the impact of space UFOs and other unknown objects on the surface of the earth, and the manifestation of parallel worlds.

In the study of the anomalous zones collects information about the symptoms and not the least important is the intuition of the researcher.During the measurement of energy fields, animal behaviorists, Vegetation appearance terrain conclusions about the nature of the zone.This can be compared to a mosaic, after all the elements fall into place, you can make some conclusions.

Anomalous zones have a strong, often negative impact on the energy structure of man.Measurements were mad

e field visits to the areas of human and after they showed that after visiting the area, human energy is "kind of ragged."If the normal field of view of a human egg, slightly flattened at the sides, after visiting the area this holistic cocoon is destroyed and in some cases it may not be quite that may violate health.Therefore it is very important for researchers to keep their energy structures in good condition, for which there are special exercises.

Signs of abnormal area is different, here are some of them.

• "pull" look, eyes involuntarily clings to a certain area.

• Inadequate animal behavior.

• absence of any living creatures in certain places.

• "strange" vegetation, something different from standing next to a zone.

• Presence of strange objects.

• Different sounds phenomenon defies logic.

• When conducting bioizmereny pendulum frame or behave strangely.

• When you are in the area begin abnormal sensations in the body and psyche.

• Emerging Vision and paintings.

That is not a complete list of features of the anomalous zone.An experienced researcher accumulates in its memory signs of anomalous zones and uses its knowledge to explore new areas.

There are several opinions about the origin of the anomalous zones.For example, the zones are located near the river bends or underground water (they create a circular motion energy) and being in this place powerful geopathic bands.Also in the area are the ground fault outputs stone.

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