The magical properties of violets

Violet will be very useful to people who are in need of energy supply, for those who wish to maintain a state of emotional balance and serenity.

In eastern legend, violet emerged from Adam's tears of gratitude when on the island of Ceylon, the angel Gabriel brought him the good news of the forgiveness of his sins by the Lord.

Another legend says that when the sun god Helios pursued its burning rays of one of the beautiful daughters of Attis, a poor girl turned to Zeus with a plea to shelter and protect her.Then the great god of thunder turned it into a wonderful violet, hiding in the shadow of his tabernacles.And since then, every spring it blooms and fills your heavenly fragrance of the forest.

ancient Greeks loved to decorate themselves, their homes and statues of household gods wreaths and bouquets of violets.Every year on the day of the spring festival are crowned with violets have reached the age of three children, thus showing that they now come to life as young citizens.

were interested violet and Romans.They use it as a healing herb and added to the wine.

Ancient Gauls violet as a symbol of innocence, modesty and virginity, her bed showered newlyweds.

Apply violet plant as a talisman better than where you want to make peace and light.

Violet will be very useful to people who are in need of energy supply, for those who wish to maintain a state of emotional balance and serenity.Such a plant

Charm recommended to wear those melancholic, prone to melancholy and longing, heavy, gloomy thoughts, those who belong to all unduly critical and around sees only the negative side, who are often depressed.Violet attract them vibration bright vivacity, harmony and joy, as well as a mascot wearing violet recommended to those who by virtue of their duties are constantly associated with irritated, angry people.

Violet - a small sun, which is always with you.

not escape his attention and violet posledovatelnitsy Modern magic Simoron.

They propose to create with the help of the plant Field luck.

For this purpose, acquire violet in a pot, pay a visit to the flower shop.Slowly pick the most beautiful and enjoyable flower.Put the house in plain view.This violet is not easy - it is magic.And because of it it requires special care.Every morning and evening you need to be watered flower with a pipette, counting exactly 27 drops.All this is accompanied by the words (or thoughts aloud): "I water flower Good luck!".The procedure must be repeated for 27 days.

secret of this technique is that nurtured so that the plant clears the energy field of your home from the negative, freeing space positive developments love.Violet is fully capable to attract love if it otsustvija or harmonize existing relationship.