Fungal place in Tver.

Mushrooming is often compared to hunting.But the feeling that no animal suffer, there is no need to shoot at anyone, making this ideal for any hunting rights.

At the height of the mushroom season, you can gather up a few mushrooms Kuzovkov complete, but already there as the heart desires: Fire, pickle, marinate or even sell.

go to the "quiet hunt"

Throughout the mushroom season, when mushrooms carried out of the woods with buckets, has not yet begun.But today you can go for mushrooms in the Tver region, and gain and quite a basket of chanterelles or syroezhek.A very lucky may even get boletus.

But to hike in the woods did not bring disappointment, you need to know a few rules inveterate mushroom picker.

1. Come into the woods as soon as possible.

This mushroom pros meet at the edge of the sun, and he will be a full basket of forest.

said that when the sun does not shine all around and acted as the dew, the fungus is more visible thanks to a brilliant hat.And when fungi still little better hurry up, otherwise you will be only "roots", and tops will Kuzovkov earlier mushroom.

2. Do not immediately fasten their feet deep into the forest

Many people think that to go farther into the forest, the more there will be mushrooms.But it is not.Starting with the edge of the forest expedient or its suburbs.For some reason, many people forget about it, but you can always find a lot of mushrooms.

  • if ingested mushroom should look even close.When the mushroom season begins, the fungus may be the only place, but usually mushrooms using mycelia propagated.Examine carefully place next to find.

High season

Mass Tver mushrooms begin to appear in September.All avid mushroom very familiar feeling of excitement, one that covers the real hunters.That shone hat, here's another one, and here, under a tree, is a whole family of oil ...

What an indescribable feeling when boxfish is slowly but surely filled with saffron milk caps, boletus, boletus.And if you're lucky, you can find and porcini mushrooms.Tver (2014 th pleased bumper crop) was just to "fill up" the noble mushroom.Mushroom pickers have repeatedly boasted valuable find, causing even more excitement appeared many fans walk through the woods in search of forest gifts.

Experienced people can determine in advance how successful will the mushroom season.If there is a lot of rain in the spring and summer is warm but not dry, you can safely prepare for the upcoming "quiet hunt".Surely there will be many mushrooms.

But even now, the mushroom place in Tver delight mushroom chanterelle and mushrooms.

Where to go for mushrooms in Tver

Tver region is famous for its lush green forests, where you can walk and breathe in the aroma of fresh herbs.But, in addition to enjoying the beauties of nature, and you can spend time with.

So, the most popular mushroom places in Tver:

  • small grove near the village Poddube.
  • Passing by the village of Rozhdestveno, turn left.There will be a forest, which is famous for its aspen and birch.
  • If there is a great desire to find a white fungus, you should go to the pine forest.That is, near the village Semenov.There are common mushrooms and volnushki.
  • Forest near the village Prudische.
  • Satisfactory mushroom places in Tver can be found, if you drive along the road Turginovskoy.Located there is an abundance of forests will please not only fungi, but also useful berries - blueberries.
  • Now, while a massive mushroom season did not bring his passion all the fans of "quiet hunting" can drive to the village of copper.There have already collected a beautiful chanterelles and russula.

By the way, when it starts a massive collection of mushrooms, russula do not even consider this fungus.But now we can be satisfied with this and that.

mushrooms, but not everywhere

Do not think that when the calendar came the season for mushrooms, they appear everywhere at once.Firstly, a lot depends on how hot or rainy it was summer.Sometimes that can be started to rain, but the weather is warm and when the sun peeps, mushrooms actively growing.

So it was in Tver in 2013.When the middle of the summer, the markets were selling buckets of aspen, birch, and even white fungus.

But grace period ended quickly.And not all could gather up the crop.Not all popular mushroom places in Tver please its abundance.For example, near the village of Mitnevo where usually full of mushrooms in the 2013-2014 season, they simply did not have.

"Quiet Hunt".Season 2015

Already, many are wondering about whether the mushroom season began?The mass gathering, when the forest just happy abundance of his gifts, is in August-September.

the end of August you can gather up a few buckets literally, not just a basket and chanterelles and brown cap boletus and milk mushrooms and much more.The special pride of any mushroom picker is, of course, white fungus.Tver region, like no other, spoil this magnificent mushroom.

At the height of the mushroom gathering do not go to the expense of such items as mushrooms and russula.Yes they are, and these mushrooms are not considered.They simply do not notice and do not collect.

What can you make

If you are an experienced mushroom hunter and collect mushrooms, not only as a commodity for sale, you probably have many recipes cooking dishes.

Hostess could not simply banal fry potatoes with mushrooms and cook casseroles.This keeps the stunning forest aroma.And do rice, mushroom soup, stuffed mushrooms, julienne salad ...

Total are countless.Each hostess certainly there is a unique and delicious recipe.

But if a lot of mushrooms and want to keep them as long as possible, then comes to the aid salting and pickling.