Year Proteins

In accordance with the 32-year-old Zoroastrian calendar, March 21, 2012 at the dawn of the year begins proteins.

This is the 11th year of the cycle, and its patron is Daena.

According to the Old Persian texts Daena - the conscience of man, his divine "I".Daena - the foundation on which is based the main principle of Zoroastrianism: the principle of separation of good and evil, and human free choice between these two categories.That's why Daena year - the tests for our conscience and our convictions, faith, religion, year of manifestation of our true face.Many of this year will find the true path, many expect seduction - all this will be an indicator of the maturity of the spirit of each individual, nation or state, but at the same time, and all mankind.

Squirrel - a realist and a pragmatist.It is distinguished by the liveliness, agility, quickness of thought and action, hard work, thrift, nepotism.It is these people in the coming year will be more successful.Home Proteins - the hollow of a tree, indicating that its relationship with the Tree of Roda, ancestors, that is, with a past that is shaping the future.

How then will the coming year for each of us?

For people born in the year of Proteins (1948, 1980), it is time to return to the original point, and finding oneself again, a year of soul-searching.In a year it is recommended to abandon overly active social life, so as not to waste wasting accumulated over the past 32-year cycle potential.It is possible that this year, you have to go again the most important lessons learned - both good and bad.

For those born in the years forty (1947, 1979) and Raven (1949, 1981) comes a year business linkages and active social affirmation.Good start of the case, bringing real income.In this Crow have pretty podsuetitsya himself, and Soroka expect a reward for their deeds before assistance from the outside, the return of old debts.Year favorable for investments, property acquisitions, as well as of generosity and magnanimity.

those born in the years of the Turtle (1946, 1978, 2010) and Rooster (1950, 1982), can expect financial problems.With partners - differences in the cases - a lack of understanding.For the coming year, you false roads and delusions in material matters, the year-consuming creature comforts.And if a Turtle "will remember everything" from the past, then he plucked rooster in trouble.But the year is good for the spiritual quest and the strengthening of faith that is so important in a year Daena-conscience, as well as plans and creative self-realization through a hobby, to create interest groups and associations of people close in spirit.

the coming year will be critical for people born in the years of the Beaver (1945, 1977, 2009) and Bull (1951, 1983): they will be faced with injustice and rivalry.Unfortunately, you are expected to conflicts and misunderstandings, open confrontation, sometimes amounting to aggression.This Bulls themselves will initiate quarrels and Beavers will be victims embroiled in conflicts against their will.Do not cut off the shoulder, lost relationship will be very hard to recover.All good this year, too, will come only through testing.

For those born in the years of Adder (1944, 1976, 2008) and Badger (1952, 1984), comes good year.You will reduce acquaintances with people who will be with you in the same team and help in your affairs.This Adders helping hand stretched old friends and Badger - new.But it is unlikely newfound friends now linger with you for a long time.In general, the year promises to be calm and harmonious.

born during the years of the Spider (1943, 1975, 2007) and Camel (1953, 1985) have to work hard.At the same time this year the social approval of increasing authority.And if the spider will move through past achievements, the Camel would have to actively defend its position.You are waiting for the things that you will be required to perform and for which you will appreciate in the future.The main thing this year - patience and perseverance.

disharmony can become the coming year for people born in the years of the Stork (1942, 1974, 2006) and the Hedgehog (1954, 1986).You await trials, difficulties, deceptions and disappointments.This is important for hedgehogs not to make these problems themselves, and the stork should learn to recognize and overcome the obstacles created by others.Remember: the reward, inherited from the struggle, a much more expensive prizes received effortlessly.

people born in the years of the Wolf (1941, 1973, 2005) and Laney (1955, 1987), expects a strange period.All events of the year can seem full of mystical sense, much remains unexplained.And if Wolves learn secrets of the past, the future Lanyam slightly open.At best, the year will be linked to the transformation of the individual, inner purification and insight, leading to an understanding of many of life's processes and relationships.

born during Mongoose (1940, 1972, 2004) and Elephant (1956, 1988) in the coming year will be able to fully express themselves and show what you are capable of, to find real friends and business partners.For you, there comes a time of stability, reliability, harmony, help and luck, it's one of the happiest periods of the calendar.This Mongoose receive support and evaluate the merits of the past, while the Elephants count on personal initiative.Do not miss your chance!

critical year occurs in the lives of those born in the years of Mouflon (1939, 1971, 2003) and Horses (1957, 1989).Difficulties tests, intrigue, secret machinations of enemies and backstabbing will lie in wait for you.Mouflon can bring the old "good friends", seizing the moment and avenge any wrongs, but the horse is likely she wants to make an instrument of vengeance.Fight for justice, but do not stoop to vengeance.

time of active work and professional development can be called the coming year for people born in the years of the Stag (1938, 1970, 2002) and Cheetah (1958, 1990).This is a favorable period for the implementation of ambitious plans, promotion.This cheetahs have to work hard.As for the reindeer, they are expected to support patrons happy coincidence and help from outside.

For those born in the years of the Falcon (1937, 1969, 2001) and Peacock (1959, 1991), it is time to change the active and unexpected upheaval fate.The coming year will be for you the most unpredictable throughout the calendar cycle.This year bluffs and big bets.And if Sokolov engine changes will be things of bygone days, the Peacocks will decide to start life anew, completely reversing the past.

Owl born in the years (1936, 1968, 2000) and Swan (1960, 1992) is waiting for a year dual: on the one hand, fraught with the collapse of all hope;On the other hand, giving hope again.It is a time of hard choices and drastic change.Good things can fail miserably and harmonious relationship easily go into antagonism.Conversely, when everything is collapsing, and there is no clearance, suddenly suddenly improving.Things change, fight to the last!

For those born in the years of the Boar (1935, 1967, 1999) and Lynx (1961, 1993) it is time to turn on the fateful factors: good or bad - it depends on you and your offense before.This is the year when everyone gets what he deserves.It is now clear up any confusing situation resolved and unresolved issues.And if you expect a well-deserved reward of a boar, the Lynx is laying program for the future.This is the year of revelation, when there is an understanding of the mystery of his own life's journey, and at the same time, and total change.

whole existence of people born in the years of the Dolphin (1934, 1966, 1998) and Donkey (1930, 1962, 1994) in the coming year will be linked to the awakening of charisma, God checked.Much will be in addition to your will, if someone invisibly intervene in your destiny.And at all the transformation of the Dolphins will be linked to the distant past, and donkeys change will have a direct result of their current decisions and actions.Mystic will accompany you everywhere, will be a lot of secrets and mysteries.

Those who are born in the years of the Fox (1933, 1965, 1997) and Polar Bear (1931, 1963, 1995), will have to work and fight at the same time.In the coming year, nothing happens by chance, everything is full of meaning and decrees characters.Pay attention to the people who will be there for you - their appearance by chance, they have a karmic connection with you, and just so you do not have them leave.Moreover, these people may like to help you choose and take away your choice.And if life is to be completely Bears new acquaintances, the fox will be faced with people from his past.In any case, remember - your destiny to be in your hands, make the choice for yourself!

for those born under the totem Eagle (1932, 1964, 1996), the coming year is a mirror, allowing to see myself from the outside and to assess objectively.At best, the year will be a time for you to finding harmony and perhaps even attractive "second half" in the face of a friend, spouse or business partner.Proud highly maximalist soaring eagle associated with the great ideas and great deeds involved in social rhythms, solitary ascetic in matters personal, so lacking in earthly realism and practicality Proteins its commitment to nepotism, thrift, arrangement of home and comfort.Eagles do not fly in flocks, making a bet on the freedom and independence - Squirrels do not live alone, preferring family life.These qualities Eagle can acquire over the coming year and thus to compensate for the missing features.

astrologer Pavel Globa

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