21 little-known fact in the life of Jennifer Lawrence

We all know that Jennifer Lawrence incredibly talented actress and, besides, most Laughs.But did you know that the young star of the screen entered in the Guinness Book of Records?

1. she - the girl from Kentucky. star was born and raised in Louisville, and then moved to the Big Apple (New York), to realize his place on the acting profession.

2. her middle name Schrader. actress never told about her unusual middle name, but most likely it is someone's last name.

3. Her parents have nothing to show business. She was not able to take advantage of nepotism that flourished in Hollywood.Mom Lawrence, Karen, - the director of children's camp, and her father, Gary, was a builder.

4. The actress has two older brothers - Ben and Blaine .They walked down the red carpet with her younger sister in 2013 while governor of Bala, which is given on the occasion of receiving the highest award of the American Jennifer Academy.

5. She graduated from high school early. This girl is crazy talented and smart.It completed his studies two years earlier, successfully passed final examinations.Lawrence in such a hurry with the end of school to quickly start an acting career.

6. Jennifer "found" in Union Square in New York City. It was noticed in 14 years, while the representative model agency saw her father and mother watched it break dancer performance.A few months later, Lawrence convinced parents to let her move to New York for six weeks to prepare for the entrance exams at the Actors Studio.I must say that she damn well prepared.

7. Lawrence starred in an episode of "Detective Rush" .Before getting major, emotional role on the big screen, Jennifer played a girl whose mother has been killed.It happened in the series, filmed in 2007.Before that, she starred in an episode of "Detective Monk" and in the TV movie titled "municipal enterprises" .Both of them went out on television screens in 2008.

8. Her career in show business began with television. It was only later it was nominated for "Oscar" and handed cherished statuette, but its beginning on the small screen was much less glamorous.In 2007, Lawrence starred in the show Bill Engvella as Lauren Pearson.

9. Before the big screen at the Loruens were still shooting in the video. In 2009, a year before she starred in "Winter's Bone," Lawrence appeared in the video group Parachute , which was filmed for the song The Mess I Made.

10. She auditioned for the role of the main character in the saga "Twilight". Can you imagine that Jennifer Lawrence would not be Katniss and instead would Bella from Twilight?The actress auditioned for the role in 2008, but, as you know, Kristen Stewart confirmed.

11. She played in several episodes of the TV series "You can already" .Remember that the reality show, which went on the channel MTV?Lawrence noted by there on my way to Hollywood.

12. If Jennifer did not become an actress, it would go to the maids. Well, at least she was making a joke about his life prospects."It's all my love to restore purity, - she said Conan O'Brien. - I do not like to eat, and I do not like the kitchen, but I love the beds and bathrooms. I like to put things pryadok and consider other people's stuff. After all, in the hotelevery day new people, but for them as well to spy! This is my dream. "

13. She asymmetrical breasts. That's what she told Jennifer Loures on the show Jimmy Kimmel, "I just went to the doctor today, got an X-ray of his chest and found that I had asymmetrical breasts."

14. Jennifer deformed tailbone. In fact, talking about such publicly seems to be missed, but the star told David Letterman: "My parents had little money, so they never bought ridden? Horses. I deformed coccyx due to the fact that I took offrestive horse. "

15. It is a unique PR. That's what she said Lawrence magazine Rolling Stone: "I am the fastest pi-ar-agent. By this I and celebrities."

16. Jennifer Lawrence Height 172 cm. It towers over his partner in "Hungry Games' Josh Hutcherson, even without high heels!But on the heels on the red carpet its growth approaching 182 cm.

17. Lawrence holds the world record according to Guinness World Records. article about it will appear in the 2015 edition.Jennifer - the cash actress, or rather its heroine Katniss of the franchise, "The Hunger Games."Not so bad, right?And much more honorable than the record holders among the longest nails or something like that.

18. childhood nickname Lawrence - Nitro. Judging by its present surprisingly candid interview, it is not surprising that in the early stages of life it was called that way.Nitro, or nitrous oxide, a word heard every car owner who dreams of a forced engine.

19. Jennifer awfully like John Stamos. She says that sort of haunted him at a party.Funny!

20. It can be any kick ass. Or, at least, hit the arrow.To prepare for the role of Katniss, Jhelum trained with quadruple Olympic champion archer from Georgia named Khatuna.

21. She loves to swear words. Jennifer Lawrence does not filter his speech.Director of the film "The Hunger Games" Gary Ross once said in an interview: "It (Dzhennfer) is fantastic, but swears like a sailor."

Photo Source: WENN