Licensed activities - legal entry into the business

Private enterprise in the development legislator has set a number of issues relating to licensing arrangements with respect to the activity, as it turned out that doing without a permit can not please everyone.So the notion of "licensed activities".Issuance of permits or licenses for such activities, the State controls the activities of entrepreneurs, acting as a guarantor for the average person.There is a list of licensed activities to which the entrepreneur must be a sign.

purpose of introducing licensing - control activities that can cause damage, as the security of the state, and state the subject - a man.There is a list, which includes licensed activities - from bookmakers to nuclear energy.If the activities of your company should be licensed, but you do not have a license, then your activity is illegal.During the absence of certain types of licenses can occur criminal liability.

budding entrepreneurs is recommended to search the internet a list of licensed activities to a certain extent, protect your business from possible errors.Obtaining a license guarantees the possibility to engage in selected business and the resulting benefits.Due to the fact that the licensed activities have their own characteristics, the issuance of licenses for each of them is engaged in a specific organ.

Licensing is made by the authorities, both state and local levels.This licensing authority has the right to check the activities of the licensee to carry out actions with the documents relating to this activity.After checking actions you get a license or the refusal to license.

To obtain a license the applicant must submit an application to the licensing authority of some form, signed by the leadership of the legal entity or individual entrepreneur.The application is submitted to the licensing authority, directly or by mail with return receipt requested.The application shall include details of the company, the alleged activity which allow the licensed activities, and accompanied by the documents on the legality of the creation of the enterprise.

If all the documents submitted and decorated in an appropriate manner, the licensing authority must decide whether the issuance of the license and notify the applicant within a calendar month.To avoid possible delays, the entrepreneur must contact the experts for advice or professional assistance.Without the help of experts a long time to collect information and documents, which also leads to an increase in the term of the license.

By definition, the legislator license is valid for three years.They can extend the expiration of the license.At some licensed activities issued perpetual licenses.In addition, there are certain types of activity for which a license is not needed.That is, the entrepreneur must first understand the necessity of licensing the activity.

license shall terminate with the termination of the activities of the licensee or by submitting the latest relevant application.In addition, it can be canceled in accordance with the decision of the court at the request of the licensing authority.In any case, the body that issued it, shall, within ten days to make a decision on its expiration, and notify the licensee.

Licensing is by nature a form of state regulation of business activity, so the relationship between the regulator and the owners have a "vertical" nature.Such an organization of the process ensures the entrepreneur legal protection if its activities will be subject to unfounded claims.