Genius and Scythian

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There are writers - included in the history of literature and history in general - whose fate becomes a lesson and a reproach to all subsequent generations of writers.How can and can not be in the life of a creative person is valuable, that is priceless, and that in general is unthinkable in our - so different and so similar - circumstances "workers of the Russian language" - all you can see of them ended biographies, but we take their studies with work and continueto make their own mistakes.

In the book Irina Vinokurova "Only a genius ... fate of Nikolai Glazkov » reader just finds a similar lesson.

Nikolai Glazkov - the famous creator of the term "self-publishing", and author of the quatrains, which in the 60s of the last century knew absolutely everyone, though how many interested in literature:

I am at the world looks up from under the table,

The twentieth century - a century of extraordinary.

than a century, interesting for the historian,

Especially for contemporary sad!

He called himself a genius and Scythians, led a life of impoverished, of course, not published and was an idol for his literary environment and descriptions - for all others.

«Glory Glazkov brought his poems of the late 1930s and 1940s, to rise in direct opposition to the official canon" - says Irina Vinokourov.But it is good to talk about the descendants of eccentricity, opposition, avant-garde poet.But he was something to what is in the room, where only half of the ceiling, where there is no heat, no food and no place to take it all, and no one wants to print the "wrong" poems, moreover, to pay for their fees.

So, namayalis and desperation, the poet writes, "the explanatory note," it said of why ties with true creativity and starts to work on the semi-official:

... I've done enough for the post,

For then, forages, for glory;

And I want to perceptible benefits

From me did not recognize the day.

Unfortunately (for his work, not for life), Nikolai Glazkov failed to carry out its task.He began to be published, but ... David Samoilov writes in his "Diary": "You begin to fear that it ceased to be an ordinary posture with deceit, and has become a kind.Dunce cap stuck to his head.Poems (I read his booklets from 56 th to 62 th year) is very bad, crayons ... "That is, the poet died before the death, the rejection of its creed proved fatal for the talent.And it is still anticipated, probably ... Artist Alex Bazlakov results in his memoirs he said Glazkov words: "The main thing - to realize themselves and not to lose - he said once slowly, patter ..." ("Arion", 1996city, №2).

Remembering fate of Nikolai Glazkov , his willful decision, which therefore ruined, I think of our writers who sold his pen - albeit at high prices - in some forces adapt to the current moment, transfer any talent, creatingnetlenku under any certain premium ... Looks like all the same to us can not be another life lesson.But, nevertheless, all of us at one time have to admit that not bozhenka fraer and its loyal ally - literature creators never forgives betrayal of its interests.

Galina Tuz, writer