Winlogon.exe: what it is and what it is eaten

Everyone knows that the operating system is updated and runs various libraries.And always in the process displayed Winlogon.exe.Windows 7, the "capital" to help start.But what exactly is the answer this file?For starters, let's see what it is.

What is it?

If you asked yourself the question: "Winlogon.exe - what is it?", Then you've come to the right place.It's no secret that when the operating system starts the so-called user session.To log on, your computer is required to load and connect libraries, graphics and so on.That's it for this and responds file Winlogon.exe, more precisely, the process.

Normally it is activated after pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del and displays the dialog boxes for entering passwords.This process is very important for the system.This file is located, the process is always one and the same place - in the system folder Windows.To be more precise, you can find it sle8 / * 028 / follows: C: \ Windows \ System32.But this name is associated with many problems.Now we will try to f

ind out why.

story begins

So, if you're still asking yourself the question: "Winlogon.exe - what it is and why it can bring the problem?", Then you can read the article further.It would seem that in the preceding paragraph of this process has been told everything you need, but there it was!Quite often people are faced with the fact that the Winlogon process is duplicated many times, "cluttered" your system, processor and memory.But it should not be, right?Why own a computer to "kill" themselves?True, there is no need.However, it happens.

Many, seeing this kind of situation, just turn to search engines with the question of what to do, and then, after reading tips, go to the address and simply delete the file from the system.Permanently.After restarting the computer (or at any session is completed), the user will not be able to work with your operating system.He removed an important system file.Exodus - restoring or reinstalling Windows.But what could I do, and so if the system worked very badly because Winlogon.exe?What kind of process is one that is ruining the place where he lives?


In fact, the answer is simple - if you see duplicate "Vinlogon", you can start a little nervous and panic - you have picked up a computer virus.So, the question: "Winlogon.exe - what is it?"can be answered somewhat differently than we have already said.This virus.More precisely, it is not so.

a lot of "bad people" mask the presence of his creations on the computer by encrypting it."Vinlogon" perfect for that - a system file which is responsible for the beginning and end of the session with "OSes" Who will bother him?That's right, nobody.So, if you suddenly decided to crawl on the system folders and file Winlogon.exe found anywhere except System32, which means that your computer is sitting on a malicious virus.Which, set just does not happen.Try to remove this little thing as soon as possible.The main thing is not to make a mistake and not a "zadente" really important process.

not remove

quite common and widespread problem it is that after the discovery of winlogon.exe and remove it from any location, except for the folder System32, absolutely nothing changes.That is, you delete a file, clean the system, reboot the system and "Vinlogon" something and sits on its original site.In fact, the process, if it can be called, still the muck.

Clings it to the computer very much, and remove it completely is difficult.That's when many users and panic starts.Many newly rush to find solutions and mistakenly remove the wrong file, then behold the fruit of their adventures, many solve the problem quickly and easily, even radically - reinstall the operating system.In fact, it is not necessary to rush from one extreme - let's try to find a more forgiving and logical methods of making.

Struggling with Winlogon.exe

So now, when the issue: "Winlogon.exe - what is it?"behind us, we can safely proceed to the study of effective methods of combating infection, which lies under the name of an important system process.

Well, sometimes, as already mentioned, just "pick up and remove the" virus is not our work.Moreover, the more likely you expect failure than success.But all is not as bad as it seems at first glance.There are methods of combating viruses, encrypted under the "Vinlogon."

First, check your computer for viruses in general.Cure all that is treatable, but the removal Treat skeptical.See what it offers to remove the antivirus program.If this is some kind of an important file or our Winlogon, located in the folder System32, not worth it though.Otherwise, feel free to press Del.

Next you need to thoroughly clean the registry of your operating system.Make it quick and easy it is with the help of different third-party software.Very popular CCleaner, which is easy to use.Feel free to clean everything and detect your computer.

Now, just in case, reset the settings of your web browser.This is because some viruses are not difficult to remove because of remaining in your browser settings.

final step - is the installation of special tools, for example, Security Stronghold or SpyHunter 4, looking for hiding the virus and remove it.If all else fails, have to go to extreme measures - reset "Vindous."

So today we talked about Winlogon.exe: that is, how to delete, find.With this file you need to be very careful not to bring himself more trouble.