I rang my phone

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I sit, it means work.Works accumulated a lot, and I delved into it on most cerebellum, so when the phone rang, even jumped in surprise.

Room was a stranger, and I'm making more serious voice replied.And then, to my quite harmless and very businesslike "Hello" to me, it is cast a flood of claims, profanity and other offensive verbal things.Vaguely aware of what and how, and what the hell do I hang up.Just for a minute, aggressive caller calls again.I have wondered, and I'll answer.

after a disturbance, "You still dare to hang tube !!!" followed by new portions of battle, but a little slow - probably breathing a man (it was a girl) was not enough.Strongly strained, I could make out that the problem in a certain Victor, I, this is not good, and that to me was empty, and so on, ohmurit, and whether the family, or even somewhere trying to lead.

I was already doubly interesting.I'm still a married woman, and married for a long time, and I know Viktorov only two.And one of them is my uncle, and the other a former classmate, who was married to my girlfriend.Well, I certainly would have remembered if she wanted some of them to lead somewhere.Smer listened to emotional speech (monologue was quite spectacular, probably prepared in advance), and wait for a logical break, I asked: "girl, and you're actually who?»

phone aggressor willing blurted out: "I'm his wife !!!" andI have gained a deep breath, apparently to continue our lovely conversation.

I ask: "And who is Victor?".

air was exhaled noisily.Apparently the issue was unexpected.After a brief pause, the girl timidly so asked, "Are you Marina?»

I say, "No»

The tube something fell.

Then I was asked a terrific question, "Where is Marina?»

I frankly admitted: "I do not know»

girl thought.

Me too.

A minute later we were both laughing like crazy over this story.It turned out that the phone hated Marina different from my only two numbers, which my companion, being keyed in a very emotional state is entered incorrectly and came to me.It certainly apologize, but I think that this call Marina then did not - was sunk, so to speak.

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