Coffee ristretto: recipe

coffee lovers are always worried about one issue: how to drink this drink daily, but no harm to health.Italians figured out how to solve this problem and suggested the world fragrant coffee ristretto.They drink about 10 cups of the drink and at the same time feel great.With that, it is too concentrated, strong and bitter, it is absolutely safe for health, because it does not contain caffeine.

The secret technology incorporated in its preparation: the first 15 seconds of processing coffee beans harmful caffeine does not have time to get into the drink, and it is saturated with only essential coffee oils.

Coffee ristretto can be called a "drink one drink."After all, it is only a portion of 15, a maximum of 30 ml.

What kind of coffee called "Ristretto"?

Coffee ristretto considered truly noble Italian drink.It differs from other types of coffee by the following features:

  • is the strongest;
  • welded in a minimal volume of water;
  • very concentrated;
  • has a dense film without gaps;
  • has a fairly thick consistency.

This drink has many names: a double espresso (because of the strength), poluespresso (because of the volume), court, shot, Schrank, laytirelli.It includes no caffeine as a 15-minute extraction ristretto said alkaloid does not manage to stand out.He it needs more time.The coffee will only include essential coffee oils.

This drink necessarily prepared in a special coffee machine that turns on a little faster than necessary for the manufacture of, for example, espresso.Prepare coffee ristretto in Turku is difficult, and in most cases it does not always work.

Brief History

Ristretto - incredibly delicious coffee drink.If we translate the meaning of this word from Italian, it means "strong, thick and limited."It is true, as the coffee:

  • the strongest coffee beverage;
  • has sufficient density;
  • brewed in limited quantities of water.

ristretto One serving - half a standard espresso.Drink it in one or two sips, not even crouching at a table.Sugar is added to this drink is not desirable, because it will only spoil the real taste of the drink.

Italians day drink a lot of coffee.Sometimes, the amount is 7-8 cups per day.Coffee ristretto - a real find for lovers of this drink, because it contains caffeine.

How to choose the grain?

professional Italian baristas argue that the ideal for ristretto coffee beans are dark or medium roast.Horn coffee machine should be dry, so it is important to pre-clean the moisture or water droplets.

for the coffee machine best suited grain milled if arabica, or finely ground, if it is robusta.Sometimes experimenting gourmets and mixed the above two varieties, to get an unforgettable flavored drink.

Coffee ristretto: how to cook properly?

For this ristretto shown only use freshly ground beans.This drink is characterized by the following features:

  • has a sufficiently dense film;
  • there are no blind spots.

This shows, primarily, that the coffee contains no caffeine.

Furthermore, this type of coffee beverage differs also a special feeding.He teaches in small glass cups with a glass of cold drinking water.While many experts say that is still to avoid problems with tooth enamel is necessary to take water at room temperature.This water helps to reveal the real and unique taste of the coffee.

Ristretto: recipe

This drink is prepared from the following ingredients:

  • fresh coffee beans middle ground - about 8-9 g;
  • drinking water - 30 ml;
  • taste added sugar.

Yield: 30 ml ristretto.

Another recipe provides for the following quantities of ingredients:

  • ground coffee - 10 g;
  • drinking water - 15 ml.

Yield: 15 ml of coffee.

So after all, how to prepare a ristretto in the coffee machine?First, the coffee beans must be uniformly grind in a coffee grinder.Then, wipe off the horn to move the coffee machine and coffee.It must be properly compacted using Templer.For desired temperature control is important to first skip through the coffee cup of hot water for a few seconds.This will allow it to warm up.Then fasten the horn in the coffee maker for 3 seconds to enable the water strait.This time is sufficient to soak the coffee is good.Some coffee machines there is a special feature soaking.If you do not do this action, the coffee will not be so fragrant and well not be revealed.

coffee emulsion extraction takes only 15 to 30 seconds.The result should be a delicious coffee in volume from 15 to 30 ml.

This time the extraction of coffee beans espresso ristretto differs from.

correct supply of coffee

Serve this delicious coffee as follows:

  • in a small cup without handles;
  • in a cup of espresso.

Since this drink has a high concentration, has a fairly bitter and full-bodied strong taste, necessarily attached to it in the glass of drinking water.

before the first sip ristretto gourmets drink some water.It is believed that in this way cleaned taste buds and prevents dehydration.Drinking water before each new breath of ristretto allow to enjoy the aroma of the drink with each regular drop.

Experts say that this method is the use of coffee has one drawback: the hot ristretto and cold water can damage tooth enamel.But it should be noted that the Italians over this for a long time and do not reflect the strong drink their delicious coffee.

This drink is often used for cocktails, cappuccino, latte.

rule also considered bad form to add sugar to this drink.This additive, according to the Italians, just spoils the taste of the coffee ristretto.

above drink - a real godsend for gourmet coffee.Unsurpassed taste and aroma ristretto surely conquer the hearts of many coffee people.