How does allergic to dogs, how long?

Despite the ancient roots of the emergence of diseases such as allergy, the term has appeared recently.Healers different times are in constant search for answers for explaining the reaction of the human body.In this article, we will focus on how are allergic to dogs, its causes and sources.

Causes of allergies to dogs in the human body

appearance of allergies is due to the immune response to the emergence of a foreign object, regardless of its nature, which enters the body.Often, such an effect is redundant and only harms the person.The ability of lymphocytes is to identify foreign bodies from the birth of the child.Based on this feature, allergic reactions are less common in those people who from an early age had to deal with pets.

allergy due to the fact that in human blood appear antibodies whose purpose is to counter allergens.The protective calf body formed in excess, whereby a person observed unpleasant symptoms.From allergies to dogs can not be completely cured.However, due to drugs can lull the body, reducing the number of allergens around him.

How are allergic to dogs.To face it?Are allergic to dogs suffering children?Let's try to find answers to these questions.


However, not all people have allergic reactions to dogs occur to the same extent.Some of the human body generally does not react to the four-legged friends, others discomfort occurs with varying degrees of success.

How are allergic to dogs?The most unlucky people have to deal with severe symptoms.Why there is such selectivity?First, heredity plays an important role.Provided that one of the child's parents are allergic, the likelihood of its transmission by inheritance is 50%.If the disease affects two adults, the figure rises to 70%.In this kind of allergy does not affect the tolerability.For example, the mother can be a stuffy nose during flowering spikelets, and his father appears allergic reaction to certain foods.

How many are allergic to dogs?She can wait no longer.As each allergies, it makes itself felt at once.The main thing - do not confuse it with any other allergic reaction.

Related Factors

Even if parents do not "reward" your child's allergies, it does not mean that he had a life-long protection.A great number of aggressive substances that surround each person contributes to the appearance of the body's tendency to allergic reactions.Significant impact on the deterioration of the immune system also provides the environment to be considered food and invisible pathogens.

More occurrence of allergic reactions to dogs contribute to ported diseases that rob the human body a large number of forces.On this basis, heredity is not necessary in the first place with the appearance of adverse reactions to pet.

allergy to dogs in infants and children

main symptoms of allergic reactions in the child's body have similar manifestation of the impact of other allergens.In some cases, you must consult your doctor.How does allergic to dogs in children?Here are the main simtomy:

  • Runny nose and frequent sneezing.
  • edema of the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract.
  • dry cough.
  • bloodshot eyes and the allocation of tears.
  • irritation on the skin.

When these symptoms are better to not risk in the hope that the child's body to cope with the disease, as the situation may worsen.

How are allergic to dogs in infants?They should pay special attention.For these allergic reactions are life-threatening.Grudnichki often suffer from allergic rhinitis.Therefore, an urgent need to show the baby to the allergist, and from the animal is likely to have to get rid of.We must also remember that each individual child's body reaction to the dog.

allergy to dogs in adults

Like children, adults are also susceptible to allergic reactions after contact with the four-legged friends.How does allergic to dogs in adults?Due to individual characteristics of the disease in each person manifests itself in different forms.First of all, the brunt falls on the organs of vision, respiratory system and skin.His eyes begin to redden and itch, there is plenty of watery eyes, swollen eyelids.In those areas of the skin where there was contact with the animal, it may be rash and dermatitis.The person starts to sneeze and cough, nasal congestion occurs.In severe cases, the victim expects to bronchial spasms and asthma, there is pressure in the ears, and hearing may deteriorate.The source of the allergy can be just not a dog, and feed filler, and other related items of maintenance.

How long are allergic to the dog?Yes, just like any allergic reaction - almost immediately after the exposure source.

Dog hair is not the main source of allergy

To reduce the effects of allergen necessary to reduce their number.
allergic reaction is not a dog's coat, as many mistakenly believe.The main causative agent of the disease is a foreign protein, which is on the surface of the hair of the animal.It is presented in the form of saliva, sebaceous secretions, desquamated skin particles.The amount of allergen depends on various factors related to the status and power of the dog.According to some studies, animals of black color increases the chance of allergies in humans in contrast to the white pupils.

Despite numerous attempts to breed dogs that will not cause allergic reactions in the human body, the success has not been achieved in this direction.However, some species of animals allow allergies to lead a normal life.

Varieties safe

How dogs are allergic to the dog's coat, we already know.Therefore, if you still happen such trouble, the best option here would be hairless breed.In this case, significantly reduced the amount of allergen is spread by the apartment on the fur.Also beneficial lack of undercoat.

hard coats.It should be timely to pull the wool moribund.This should be done by a man who has no allergic reactions.

Species of small size.The amount of allergen in small dogs is significantly different compared to larger animals, so that the reaction of the human body will manifest itself in the form of a minor.

with allergies can not joke

If allergic reactions occur in young children, then the dog will need to get rid of.Children's immature body can not adequately withstand all threats.This out of the situation also applies to people who are allergic to dogs manifested in the severe form.

If a person observed safe symptoms such as itchy skin, a runny nose or watery eyes, then we can not do without the expulsion of four-footed friend of the apartment.To do this, you should pay attention to the dog's health, to reduce the isolation of aggressive protein.Therapeutic measures are to vaccination, the extermination of parasitic organisms, the full diet supplemented with vitamin complexes, and getting rid of chronic diseases, if any.

In the absence of solving the problem of allergy to dogs, it is first necessary to address to qualified doctors.Because even the most minor symptoms may eventually develop into a serious chronic diseases such as asthma and reduced visual acuity.Due to competent allergist will be able to bring the situation under control with allergies by receiving medications and coordinated way of life.

Clean - the key to success

allergy dog ​​as seen already clear.Now let's talk about how to deal with it.

Spaying or neutering the animal greatly reduces the amount of allergen in the room, which is heavily produced in dogs during periods of release of hormones.It is also necessary to monitor the purity of the coat, because that's what it's going to aggressive squirrels.To do this, the animal should be bathed at least once a week by special shampoo and comb his hair every day.All operations on care for a pet should carry a man who no allergic reactions.

Particular attention should be paid to clean the room: regular wet cleaning and to prevent the appearance of the apartment concentrations of dog hair.To reduce the level of allergens should be hung on the window curtains, to get rid of carpets, bedding stored in enclosed places and enjoy cleaner air.Be sure to avoid stagnant air in the room, take care of personal hygiene after contact with animals and not allow him to be in the bedroom.

diagnosis of allergy to dogs

allergy manifests as a dog, you already know.Now let's talk about the diagnosis.

At the initial stage of diagnosis is carried out to study the information on the basis of a medical examination and specimen collection.Allergologist at this stage determines the presence of relatives who have a disease, and the degree of allergy.After studying the information the doctor determines the patient further action.

The next step is to conduct laboratory analysis of blood.Its task is to determine the level of immunoglobulin E, which will show the cause of the characteristic symptoms of allergies.If a positive result on the level of aggressive human protein awaits passage of immunological tests.On their basis we can identify the allergen and cause the appearance of his cause.You can then determine the decision about the persistence of the dog and further action.

Another way is to conduct allergy tests that take a bit of time.On human skin applied through syringes containing the allergen substances.If the site grows in size and becomes red, the sample gave a positive result.With this method, you can see that allergic reactions are not caused by a dog.