How to eliminate stuffy ears: the treatment of different causes discomfort

many signs discomfort associated with ears laid.Own voice sounding change in the severity of the head, the quality of hearing is markedly reduced.You feel only muffled noise and ringing.All this is unpleasant, so knowing how to get rid of a stuffy ear, can be useful for everyone.First of all it is necessary to understand how there is this feeling.

cause discomfort

healthy auditory tube monitors the air pressure in the middle ear so that congestion does not appear.Only with sharp pressure drops Eustachian tube may be closed and cause discomfort.Thus, the rise in high-speed elevator may be a source of inconvenience.If there is any discomfort, depending on external circumstances, it is necessary as soon as possible to understand why there is and how to remove the stuffiness in the ear.

Inflammatory processes

Very often state auditory tube deteriorating due to a variety of inflammation.Otitis media or the common cold leads to swelling of the Eustachian tube, which immediately leads to discomfort.From sinusitis, adenoids or nasal septum deviation can also be stuffy ears.Treatment in such situations require specialist advice.To return to a full hearing is necessary to eliminate the inflammatory process, which became the cause of the problem.In order to facilitate its status during treatment, periodically use a vasoconstrictor drops.They eliminate not only the cold, but also reduce the swelling of the Eustachian tube, returning the patient hearing.Special ear drops also good help in this situation by providing additional anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.

hearing damage

devastating effect on the ears has otitis.On the eardrum can be formed scars and adhesions, which will eventually lead to significant hearing loss.This problem can be eliminated only otolaryngologist.Also otitis media, nerve damage can also cause stuffiness in the ears.Treatment should be entrusted to the osteopath.The causes of nerve disorders, tend to become insufficient blood supply, which arose due to hypertension, head injury or brain ischemia, so you need the combined effect.

Foreign bodies

If congestion persists, and its degree is strong enough, it can be assumed that the ear has got a foreign object.Another reason - cerumen.Improper hygiene leads to their formation and causes nasal ears.Treatment is extremely easy - just need to remove a foreign body or accumulation of sulfur.Washing ears will return the sound quality.It is safest to hold it in the office of the otolaryngologist.


Surprisingly, bad teeth can also provoke nasal ears.Treatment in this case should be directed to the improvement of the temporomandibular joint.Impaired mobility of the skull causes deterioration of hearing almost every second case.Therefore, a visit to the osteopath will be very sensible way back to health.