Value Rights (NLP)

NLP often deals with moral and material values.This - the filters of consciousness that we must eliminate, enhance or modify.Defining personal values ​​of another person, we can better communicate with him and help him in solving problems.Our view of the system of personal values ​​includes the following assumptions:

1. All that can be of value to anyone in this world can be attributed to one of four groups of values:

ideological values ​​ includeany ideas, all that is associated with creativity, religious and political ideology, everything associated with the information.Ideological value is not tangible, it is represented in the human mind any words and images.

Wealth include all that is directly related to the money in the broad sense.So to material values ​​include: money, salary, savings, career, place of employment, position, career prospects, vocational training, etc.Tangible assets easy to find the cash equivalent.

emotional value include all the experiences specific to man.This, of course: love, friendship, hatred, revenge, peace, peace of mind, pride, etc.Emotional values ​​are represented internally, can be described in words, but they are so subjective that everyone is going through them a little differently.

vital values ​​ include, as the name suggests, everything connected with life itself: the preservation of life, the preservation and promotion of health, procreation, children, family, ecology, care of the parents, etc.

2. The true position in the hierarchy of values ​​is manifested not in the words which man says, and in the elections, which he does.

man, arguing that it is for the value, often wrong.And it's not in an effort to look their best, cheat or somehow fit under your answer expected of him.Most people simply do not realize their value system - it is customary for us to state.At least, until we begin to consciously learn and change their values.All this means only one thing: exploring the values ​​of the other person (and his too) do not pay attention to the words and the actions.

Think of Russian folk tales.Hercules approached a fork in the road, and there is a stone, and on the stone says that you go to the right - the horse will lose, go to the left - you will lose your head.It does not matter what he said or thought about all this hero, one thing is important - which way he went on his way.If life is more important, it will turn to the right, and if no horse, and life does not need - to the left.

3. Personal values ​​is one of the most powerful of those filters.that stand between the human mind and the world.

No one can perceive the world directly.World before we perceive their five senses, refracted a plurality of filters.

name a few of the major: the physiological limitations of the senses themselves used language and vocabulary, a person's beliefs and personal values.

dwell on the impact that has on each of us personal values ​​as a filter.

values ​​as filters do one simple thing: the importance for the person they make visible and unimportant - on the contrary, invisible.The man for whom cars are not worth looking out the window at the huge parking lot, saw a stray cat who sleeps under one of the cars, and the one for whom "Jaguar" - the dream of a lifetime make out it a cursory examination among hundreds of other cars.Values ​​make visible what is important for a person.This feature can be used to identify personal values ​​of man.

about how to identify personal values ​​of man, we will talk next time.

Author Harska KV

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