SSL error.

Quite often it happens that when ordering, installing or using an SSL certificate may appear in a variety of errors.So, how to correct the mistake SSL?

Why does the unreliability of the website?

If your browser when you try to load any site told you that the connection is unreliable, meaning that its certificate is not signed and indigenous.Sometimes the browser simply can not tie together with the native certificate.If you can with absolute certainty say that the certificate of the site has the official signature of the main center, then SSL- server error means only one thing: in the chain connection somewhere has been set the same root.At the same time such a message will pop up at you constantly while trying to go to the web resource.How to fix SSL error in this case?Try to see the whole chain of the compound or the way of signing the certificate.If you are using Internet Explorer, you can do so by clicking on the "Certification Path" in the top bar.When you see any problems with the installation of the certificate chain is best to ask for help to the center, which issues certificates.There you will be given additional instructions.

Why secure web-based resources are sometimes reported unreliability?

This error can meet quite often these days.It means that the total or a domain name that is registered in the certificate SSL, does not coincide with that stored in the browser bar.For example, if you want to get to the site, the certificate is written www, but did not enter it into the address bar, you have a message appears on the unreliability of the web resource.How to fix SSL error in this case?Very simple.Enter the correct address of the access.

Also, sometimes page indicates that it has a reliable and unreliable data.This occurs if one of the items loaded from untrusted sources.Typically, this error occurs when you try to load images, JavaScript, and frames.How to fix bugs SSL, if not all sources are reliable?Change all references to the image.You can do so by opening a Web page and search for an untrusted site http: //.Change the link to the image.But this is only possible if you have access to the domain.Often, users are only relative access and can not change the references to the various elements.

SSL error and Google Chrome

Today, most Internet users are working in the browser Google Chrome, but that it most often occurs so-called SSL-error.Previously, users were not really paying attention to the message appears, because you can just click on the "Continue" and the problem disappears by itself.With the release of a new version of Chrome SSL errors began to appear more and more often, and the possibility of continuing to use the site disabled.This, of course, brought with it many problems, because few know what to do when in the browser, this message appears.

decision errors in Chrome

decision pretty easy.If you are using Linux, then you should pay attention to the special option "Ignore" - "Certificate Error".If you use Windows, you must click on the target icon, right-click and add near field "Name": "Ignore" - "Certificate Error".

hard enough to explain why an error SSL.Even harder to explain why it often appears just when you use Google Chrome.But by means of these solutions you can forget about the problems that arose with you the message.If they will not come, and the problem is still present, seek professional help.