Children's hairstyle on long hair with a tiara

interesting and long-proven fact: the fair sex with age do not cease to feel princesses, and will be happy to try on this way.What is the main attribute of the representatives of royal blood?Of course, the tiara!For some it's just decoration, which is necessary for the formation of an evening hairstyle, while others perceive it as a crown, the symbol of a specific imperial dignity.And if there is a reason to look like a queen, then why I not use it?

consider today the most important rules for creating a truly perfect for children and adults hairstyle on long hair, which used tiaras.By following these simple rules, you can create an image of a little girl or a young girl with a tiara that will be really perfect.

Learning to combine with the dress

Of course, even the smallest and narrow tiara will look out of place with a dress or trouser option too simple dress.If we put on the crown, only to beautiful, desirable fluffy dress.Hairstyle on long hair with a diadem selected even after you have select

ed the dress.

Features hairstyles on which tiara will look really elegant

Children's hairstyle on long hair with a diadem, or like it, the bride most elegantly will look when the hair from the forehead to the attachment points tiaras are smoothly laid, and construction itselfIt will have, as it were behind a similar decoration.That is, using the hair-dress tiaras are always welcome fleece, bulk, which can also be achieved through the curls and tangles.If the hair is long and straight, and the master is not sure he could fix them so that the curls are not broken up by the end of the festival, you should consider the following scenario hairstyles with tiara: pulling hair straightener and a bang or a piece of hair from the back of the forehead should be laid on its side, giving it a volume with fleece.We put on a tiara.Voila!The image of a forest nymph, very charming and light, ready!

And assembled, and with her hair

Hairstyle Bride or children's hair to long hair with a tiara will look smart, be it collected hair, loose curls or ringlets or well-known "Malvina" (hair with the collected on the sides of the hair).Hair will be in harmony with similar decoration.

Do not overload hair

Even if the girl a fanatical lover of flowers and decorations, you should not overload the children's hairstyle with a diadem on long hair with additional accessories.Want something different?Then supplement the usual voluminous curls or braids plaits.Let tiara plays "solo part" in your hair, so you can look elegant.Acceptable use even moderate amounts of fresh flowers in her hair.

Learn how to choose the right hairstyle tiara for

hairstyle on long hair with a tiara will look beautiful only if you are seriously react to the choice of this accessory.

Such jewelery should not be too small, otherwise it will look blankly.Too much diadem - the eternal anxiety that it will fall.Note the size - it should not be too narrow or pressure.It is best to first select the hair and after that - a tiara.

If there are decorations on the ears, neck or fingers, the tiara should be in harmony with them, otherwise the image will turn out sloppy.

updo, depending on the shape of the face

Another fact that beauty forget to take into account, making the children's or adult hairstyle with tiara - a form of the face.Choose what you like - it's good, but to choose and buy hair is still the diadem that best reveal your beauty.

curls fit all - and the girls with tiny little face, and a cutie with schёchkami.In addition, it curls on long hair are considered the standard of beauty.

If you have a round face, you better give up too hairstyles volume in the cheeks and jaws.It is better to make a beautiful bouffant or collect hair from the face to pull it visually.

girls and brides with slender, long face: you should treat yourself to choose the styling and voluminous hairstyles with tiara on her long hair.Ideas can be varied, the main thing - the volume on the sides and no high fleece in the back of the head or on the forehead.Beautiful tiara will look similar to the hoop, not too high, but that will frame the head completely, adding volume on the sides.

If you - the young owner of a bang, then pay attention to children's or wedding hairstyles with a diadem on long hair tresses which are arranged asymmetrically and backcombed on top.It is necessary for togas to raise a little back hair tiaras.By the way, the location of tiaras Lady with a bang accurately determined, because if you wear a tiara is not in place beginning bangs, the hair is a bit messy and not so attractive.

Do not be afraid to collect long hair

So, to create a festive hairstyle with tiara on her hair, collecting them at the back.It is ideal for the festival in the summer, when due to excessive hot weather with her hair, you will feel uncomfortable.

to hairstyle looked harmoniously, you must first create a bouffant and secure it properly with varnish.A little twist hair pins or fix them invisible so that the hair did not look too tightened.Beautifully will look like hair, provided hair parted in the forehead, close to one of the temples.From these hair braiding can be done easily, which is perfectly combined with a low-key with hair collected hair.

decorate hair tiara, also need a good record, if you plan to actively event with dancing.

the way, if you are a bride to be, without a veil, and is popular with wedding hairstyle with a diadem on long hair, collect hair side options and should not be ignored.Driving performance of hairstyles in common with the previous one, but it will look very playful.And if you refuse the veil, then allow yourself to complement the hairstyle with tiara and even a flower.

her hair.How to achieve the effect of ease and not worry about what the curls fall apart?

If you want to decorate the tiara hairstyle with her hair, then you should learn a few secrets about how to make sure that the image has not turned out too easy.

So, loose hair is most suitable for open dress: so locks will make the image more feminine, delicate and absolutely nevulgarnym.

If you create your own hair, you need to learn how to do curls so that they did not look greasy, as if they dipped in paint.So without air fleece at the roots of course we can not do.

Fixing curl carried out after its formation, but not before you place a lock on curling.Today is a very relevant so-called "Hollywood Wave", which is also perfectly able to look with a little tiara.New wave, simply wind the hair evenly, a little fix lacquer comb after comb with a few teeth and fixed again.We must be very careful to wind the hair on curlers or curling irons as to form a laying it is necessary to ensure that all the curls were are wound in the same direction.

If you are in a very light dress and want to crown his head a diadem, just nacheshite hair at the roots and tighten up only the tips to the whole image has turned the air.