How to remove the browser completely

We decided to pay attention to the question of how to remove is a search engine that can not be called useless, because it has a number of convenient features to facilitate the work on the Internet.The system has earned its rightful place among the competitors, check yourself time.On the other hand, the methods resorted to by developers to conquer the hearts of their customers, rather intrusive.But this approach is not shared by all users.

What originally was a fairly well-known in the world (at least in the English-speaking segment of the Internet) search engine.Its history goes back more than 15 years, the first name of the search engine was Ask Jeeves, and it was built on the same feature set as the modern world search engines Google and Yahoo.As mentioned in the search engines, it has its own set of services: search for photos, location, and number of blogs already familiar to all services such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, maps and others.Of these services, and as a result there was a notorious Toolbar.

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distinctive idea of ​​the search engines is a key character Ask Jeeves, Jeeves itself (Jeeves), who answered the questions requested a simple and understandable language to all.By itself, Jeeves - a fictional character and is a reference to a series of comedic short stories and novels about the adventures of Pelham Wodehouse Jeeves and Wooster.The presence of a character in the search engine often varies depending on the decisions made in the company's headquarters.

Around 2008, many Internet users starts to have problems with the search engine and intrusive toolbars.Often, Toolbar has been included in the browser, such as Intenet Explorer, Google Chrom or Firefox.Many users have noticed that the activities of this expansion may affect the browser: load capacity, which reduced speed, unauthorized changes to settings without user participation and the emergence of a large number of browser-based advertising.And many users have begun to wonder about how to remove from your PC.


Let's start with the fact that the applications and the expansion in most classifications are regarded as potentially unwanted program and get on your personal computer with the software in the public domain.Note that if not as soon as possible to rid your PC of this problem, it can contribute to the emergence and development of other viral applications and programs.

These problems arise from the moment when a malicious program installed on your computer (via other software).Subsequently, it begins to make changes to your system and your browser settings.That is why the question of how to remove, can not be hesitate.

Symptoms of on the computer

There are many signs of obvious to less noticeable.The first manifestation - that change your home page on the initial site search engine also affects your bookmarks, adding their pages often with advertising.Another change that will manifest itself in your browser is redirected to malicious sites with a high content of advertising when you click on any area of ​​the Site that will greatly annoy and disturb your work on the also makes it easier for a lot of online fraudsters who want to get your personal information by any information on the hard disk and ending data (usernames and passwords) to your online accounts.This is done with the help of viral programs that can get on the computer with the easy flow changed settings on

How to remove

As you see, to keep this program is simply dangerous for your operating system, personal data, and in some severe cases, and for performance of the processor.

So consider some questions about to remove completely from the hard drive?It is advisable to define and carry and file, with whom she got on your PC, and in fact he programs.To remove the hard drive you will need to go to "Control Panel" (which you can access by clicking on the "Start" button at the bottom left of the desktop).In the "Programs and Features" get the right to remove the name of the program and feel free to click on the "Uninstall a program".If you use the eighth version of Windows, you simply call the menu of Windows, and it will find the right button, "Control Panel."

Sometimes it can be difficult due to the program name (the name specified in the list will be completely different), or if it is not referred to as a set.In this case, remove the newly installed suspicious programs from your computer the same way.

work with the browser

Let's take a closer look at how to remove browser.If the above procedure did not help you and the service is still in a browser, you need to go a little bit the other way, or delete directly from the browser.They differ among themselves, and how to remove the search engine will also have slight differences.Because of these differences for each browser you want to apply your approach.

Browser Windows

Next, we will discuss how to remove of Internet Explorer.To do this, open Internet Explorer and click on the browser settings (looks like a gear) at the top right and then click "Internet Options."In this menu, you will need to find a line called "Advanced" and press the reset button.After that, you only see "Restarting the browser settings" check mark next to the line "Delete personal settings" and click on the restart.When this process is complete, exit the settings and agree to the changes by pressing the OK buttons.Exit and go back to the browser - the changes take effect.

Note, even if you do not use a standard browser running, do not leave it in a malicious program, because in the future because of this problem may come back again.

about how to remove browser Firefox

for the Mozilla Firefox browser, there is another procedure struggle.Log into your browser and get on top of the icon with tools.Through him sign in the subcategory "Help" menu, where you need to find and select associated with troubleshooting.Then click "Restart Firefox", which can be found at the top right corner that says "Troubleshooting information."When the confirmation screen appears, and click "Reboot" after the browser is closed all settings are reset with up a window with a list of the changes, simply click "Finish".

Clean Google Chrome

First, open the browser extensions configured Google Chrome (three horizontal stripes at the top right tools) Search for expansion and click on the basket in front.Also pay attention to other extensions in the menu.A malicious program could successfully add others, you are not too relevant additions and if you some of them are unknown, it is advisable to remove them.Also, if you have a question about how to remove the home page, go to your browser and click on "Manage search engines" (search section).The menu you select the desired search engine and put it in the default browser.

Cleaning the registry and the use of anti-virus

After all these procedures, be sure to test the system with the help of anti-virus and clean the registry to eliminate the remnants of malware.Many antivirus programs give you full PC scan, and since a lot of them, you decide how vospolzovatsya.But if you have the opportunity, it is better to check by several antivirus.There are also several options for how to remove from the registry - either manually or by a variety of different tools.Cleaning the registry manually requires sufficient knowledge to complete purification of the virus, and if you make a mistake, it can cause problems with the performance of your operating system.

Because of this, it is best to use tools to clean the registry.The quantity and quality of their quite diverse, as well as their price until free versions.Consider the example of cleaning AdwCleaner.

It is specially designed to detect and remove toolbars, extensions, advertising and so on., Which are in conjunction with downloadable software.Use of this program is simple - after installation, you only need to click on the scan button and after a result that will give you a tool to remove all malware.We advise you to see a list - there you may find that you may still need.After cleaning the registry and antivirus scanning restart your computer.So we figured out how to remove