Nighters off, or how to go to bed early?

interesting way people began to move to the night life.This is not meant as a busy, noisy crowd.Just did not get to go to bed early.Reasons for the fact every person is different, but the result is the same: in the morning to go to work and 3-5 hours of sleep is not enough for the normal state.And so every day.It is time to get rid of such habits and to normalize your sleep.How to go to bed early - a topical issue and the subject of this article.

Reasons late bedtime

reason to sit still after 22.00 an hour or two, enough.Often this is unfinished business, you need to have time to do it today.In this case, the root of the problem of delayed sleep - misallocation of time in which to do everything planned.Or are we just too much themselves saddled with particularly at this time or at all.

Another reason most current today - is tightening our television and the Internet.Their active users does not seem necessary to solve such a problem, how to get used to going to bed.The endless succession of information, often useless, does not give off the screen / monitor.It is noticed that the Internet in this regard is much "stronger".

Having a computer and access to the World Wide Web, many have forgotten how to go to bed early.Night atmosphere has an interesting way to surf Internet.Pass the night hours of precious time when you need to recover for the next day.And this is really a serious problem.It should be addressed immediately for the good of their health.Talk is about how to go to bed early.

start to solve the problem

to begin to build a comfortable and appropriate biorhythms of sleep mode determines how much we need him hours.8:00 Recommended remain valid for most of the adult population, some missing 7:00.Less - critical sleep duration adversely affects human health.

now decide what time of day you most comfortable bed.Naturally, naps do not count, as it may adversely affect the biorhythms.Guided by the definition of "their" hours of sleep time, the beginning and end of the day, things that need to convert to or after the time you need for leisure.

after a certain period is the most difficult: to make and train yourself to go to bed exactly at the appointed time.

Learning to go to bed earlier

Now for the simple practical advice on how to go to bed early.When the hour "X" defined by you as needed, to go to bed, even if no such desire.Agitated daily cares brain can not sleep.But if we remain in a quiet dark room, lean your head back and close our eyes, we begin sleepy.The body remembers their needs, let's not argue with him.

prepare in advance everything you need for a relaxing retreat in a dream.We wash, clean, cook bed.It provides cost and how to lay the child to bed earlier (if the family has children).Our goal - to remove the obstacles that prevent sleep in due time.

will understand the Internet and TV.It is necessary to stop their work or leisure time in their company for an hour before bedtime.This will shake off the cobwebs of gigabytes of information we addictive.Ideal generally limit their use of technology, and then pretty soon we remember going to bed early and invigorated.

Experts advise to limit itself to the use of beverages containing caffeine for several hours before bedtime.Furthermore, if the drinking fluid no later than two hours before bedtime, it avoids swelling in the morning.

Also, experts recommend a psychological method of normalization of sleep.Will we just rituals.It can be listening to your favorite music, ignition oil burner, hygiene procedures - anything that we can do every day.Thus, we perceive this action as a signal - "time to sleep."It is not difficult, but effective.

Why should we go to bed early?

and our conversation on the topic of sleep would be incomplete if we did not remember why we need to go to bed earlier.

assurances doctors and scientists about the benefits of sleep are based on the early data on natural human biorhythms.

During the day, the body is going through periods of boom and bust.Physiologically justified to go to bed early (10-11 pm), because at this time falls physiological decline.But after 11 the night sleep is difficult, because during the recession ends.It concerns all people equally, because the organisms, we constructed and operate in the same mode.

In addition, physicians sadden owls: a type of biorhythm of sleep and recovery time is not inherent in people in general (in terms of health).


For whirl of events we forget how to enjoy simple and useful thing - a healthy sleep.How to go to bed early, many have simply forgotten, though no obstacles for that.

Whatever may seem important reasons that make you go to bed late, ask yourself: "Is it worth it?"And good health sleep sleep!

We have considered in this article one of the "disease" of our time - falling asleep later.We hope that you have learned useful information for themselves and become one step closer to a healthy regime.