Which is better - shugaring and waxing?

At all times women tried to make their appearance perfect.Therefore, the fair sex began to worry about the vegetation on the legs, hands and in the intimate zone.Demand creates supply.The ancient masters have devised a way to get rid of unwanted hair.So a procedure remotely resembling a modern epilation.Over time, the means employed craftsmen perfected.Now hair removal is performed by two basic methods.But what is better - shugaring or waxing?It is necessary to consider the characteristics of the procedures in more detail.


Shugaring - is a method of getting rid of unwanted vegetation on the body, which came to us from the east.Local women have a rigid structure of the hair, so not all methods of hair removal give the desired result.It was therefore invented a new way of controlling undesirable vegetation, based on the use of completely normal improvised.The procedure is carried out using a thick sugar caramel.Syrup certain temperature is first applied to the skin area, and after hardening it tear removing hair.

practice shugaring feet has similarities to the process of waxing, but it provides more lasting results, and also guarantees the absence of such unpleasant things as ingrown hairs and stuff.Looking at a number of advantages that the way to deal with the vegetation on the body of those who tried it on my own experience, there is no question that the better - shugaring or wax.

Beauty, quickly took over the experience of oriental beauties.So now they spend most of the method shugaring in the cabin.However, nothing complicated in this procedure is not, all the more so for its implementation it is not necessary any special tools or instruments.All that is necessary, as a rule, is at hand.So, it remains only to find out in more detail how to do shugaring at home.

do at home to prepare the mixture for hair removal you need to measure 1 kilo of sugar, lemon juice of 7 tablespoons, and about the same amount of water.All ingredients should be thoroughly mixed in the tank, which must be put on high heat for a few minutes.The main condition - to avoid burning the sugar.Then it is necessary to leave the cap to a container under a low heat for another 10 minutes.Sugar should melt, it should be re-shuffle.

vessel is then covered with a lid, again you need to put 10 minutes on the fire.When the sugar syrup to boil and will acquire a golden color, it should be stirred again and then give another 5 minutes.When this capacity is no longer necessary to lay.

After that, you need to pour the hot mixture into a plastic container.In general, the entire cooking process takes about 45 minutes.Capacity in which the syrup is cooked, you need to immediately fill with hot water, but after a while the remains of the sugar has dissolved, after which the dishes can be washed.Let the mixture cool down for 3 hours.In the process of preparation should follow up care.After stirring syrup in any case not to touch it rests on a spoon.The fact that the mass remains very hot even after a long time.Special care should be made very stirring, as a drop of hot syrup can cause severe burns.

Step by Step

So how do shugaring at home?Who will tell.After several hours, the mixture cools and thickens slightly.Of the total weight is necessary to allocate a small amount in the form of a ball and carefully knead it in your hand.Now it can be applied to the skin area against the direction of hair growth.Then you have to wait to fragment hardened.Further sharp jerk is necessary to remove it against the direction of growth.For convenience, the process can use fabric strips, which are easily cut from any thin inelastic material.It happens that hair removal is done, the remaining volume of the mixture time to thicken.It can be put in a water bath to melt a little.If the required amount of the mixture to separate, it is convenient to place on the basis of warm, then it will not have time to solidify.

Shugaring feet is best done when the length of the hair reaches 3-4 mm.Short will be much harder to grasp.Longer can be removed partially.Shugaring procedure compared to waxing is painless.When ripping frozen masses felt a certain discomfort, but it is quite bearable.Newcomers better to do the procedure on his feet.When they feel confident and find out all the details, you can proceed to underarms and bikini area.Generally, before introduced to the topic, it is best to make a trial shugaring in the cabin.Special subtleties to understand, of course, will not be possible, however, to see the process is quite real.There is a weighty one difference.Shugaring interior is done in a similar way, but with the help of ready-made paste consisting of glucose and fructose.It eliminates the possibility of skipping or breaking of the individual hairs, as penetrates the time at different depths.Ready to fall there are many.Each artist chooses a suitable option.

Wax Strips

said it best - shugaring or waxing, really difficult.This takes into account many factors - and the threshold of sensitivity of the individual, and the degree of stiffness of the hair, and more.The advantages of the process shugaring may want to make a choice in his favor.But do not jump to conclusions.Now on the shelves in a wide assortment of wax strips.The price for them is very affordable.For example, Avon Skin products will cost 189 rubles (10 strips +2 wipes).Strips company Shary will cost 250 rubles (12 strips +2 wipes).A depilatory bikini Floresan Deep Depil with azulene will cost 160 rubles (20 pieces).

In general, there are many manufacturers.Even unknown company made wax strips.The price of their products at all negligible, but the result could not really use please.

for owners of hard and thick hair is not at all suitable means.All methods of hair removal are built on the same principle.A wax or paste form are applied to the heated portion of skin during the solidification layer grasps the hairs and then it abruptly disrupted by pulling on them, usually with the root.Results waxing and shugaring differ.The difference lies in the density of the material used.So which is better - shugaring or waxing?Hard to say.After all, in this and in another process, there are many nuances.


wax downside is that after the procedure redness of the skin.That is, this method even with all the measures of prudence is still a more traumatic.For this reason, this method is known for its tenderness.But, as in everything else, there are some advantages.Waxing removes unwanted vegetation for a longer period - up to several weeks.Over time, the hair becomes thinner and more sparse.

hair removal in the salon

waxing salon offers several types of treatments.They differ in different areas of application, the degree of pain and other properties.For example, hair removal using solid wax is well reveals the pores, which promotes quality hair removal.In this procedure brings less pain.This method is most often done to remove unwanted vegetation in the bikini area, or in the case of thin and sensitive skin.

With a soft warm wax

Epilation also do with a soft warm wax, which are superimposed on top of the strip.Then they tear, which is a very painful process.Thus optimally remove the hair on the legs or arms.Professional procedure begins with the preparation - surface treatment of the skin of fruit acids or a special tonic.This helps to remove dirt, dead skin.Long hair should reach at least 0.5 centimeters.The wizard then with a wooden spatula does the heated wax on the skin in the direction of growth.Under the action of temperature pores expand.Wax comes to bulbs.The layer is then rapidly removed, and the remainder of the wizard removes using lotion.Thereafter, the treated area cream is applied to slow the growth of hair.


Which is better - shugaring or waxing every woman decide for themselves on an individual basis, according to their own perceptions and results.Another factor that helps determine the choice is, of course, the cost of the procedure.Some are ardent admirers shugaring others - waxing.