How to meet young people with bread and salt: the tradition of the past century

And some just do not exist wedding traditions in our country, the age of many of them is not calculated for years, even centuries, and some have developed currently under the influence of broad cooperation with foreign countries, and due to changes in the mentality of citizens.Someone chooses a purely national direction, some prefer the present and only that moment, how to meet young people with bread and salt, it remains unchanged in any of the festivities.

Back in the early years, when it was Russia, not Russia, this tradition already existed, so called her exact age is not no one would dare.Since ancient times, bread was considered a symbol of prosperity and wealth in the family, so beautiful loaf in this case exactly appropriate.But salt - is negative, tears and sorrow, and its appearance in this joyous day, it would seem somewhat out of place, but there is a meaning.It is believed that it will symbolize the recent troubles of the newlyweds on the way to the creation of strong and happy family, so

enjoy it better now.

How to meet young people with bread and salt, right?Taking into account the remoteness of the occurrence of such a touching tradition, it is possible to understand that certainly not all the key moments came in unchanged until the present day.Initially, it is worth noting that he was entrusted to bake a loaf before the wedding only positive mother of a large family, which would be invested in it all the love, wisdom and kindness.Naturally, most of these were the mother of the groom or bride.The modern pace of life has left its mark on this principle, and the young prefer to order a loaf in a candy store, after all how to meet young people with bread and salt, having such an important attribute ?!Next time - towel on which he will be served a loaf.Since ancient times, the bride herself embroidered a certain pattern on the edges of a long towel, but now these products can be easily purchased at any of the wedding salons.

So, how to meet young people with bread and salt?Consider the key points.After the registrar groom's parents (in fact in their home by tradition should become the bride) meets a young near the house (in the modern variant near the cafe).Sam holds a loaf of father and mother in the hands of the icon, which she will bless their children and will present it as a gift to a young family.You can say a pep talk, where they bless their overall decision to create a new unit of society and offer a taste of bread and salt.

about how to meet young loaf, you can talk a lot, offering different versions of events, but more common is the fact that the bride and groom to be determined head of the family.Held is simple - hands-young should bite off a piece from the loaf.Which of them will be larger, and that will prevail in the house.Before you eat them, you need pieces of salt: the groom and the bride on the contrary, seems to be finally "annoy" to each other.Bread washed down with champagne (red wine in ancient times), filed in the special (new) glasses.Taking a glass with his left hand, do not forget that it is necessary to cross three times, drink all of the liquid and throw over your left shoulder to crockery broken.After that offered bread and salt to taste all the guests at a time, well, and then begin the celebration itself.

general, the version of the script a lot, it's a wedding.How to meet the young, in each case decide on their own.You can come up with your original custom or traditional diversify.It all depends on the willingness of the young!May you live happily ever after!