Ritchie and Madonna divorce, like the war

Madonna named her yet her husband Guy Ritchie "liar" and "loving money prospector."
After just a week after the announcement of the divorce, the singer, according to sources from its surroundings, complaining that she was tired of the attacks Ricci through the media, and intends to do so that he appeared in their true light, and not like he wants to.

Friends Madonna claimed that Guy seven and a half years of marriage to the pop diva enjoyed its multi-million dollar state, without touching at the same time to their savings.

"All the time they were married, he lived like a king - says the source - and has not spent a penny of his own money to family life and children."

Madge Friends say Guy insisted that Madonna paid for their vacation.She also bought him a country estate from 1200 acres of land.

"Madonna was fed up with his antics and decided to divorce. But Guy threatened that will judge half the state, arguing that the law on his side. He does not care what the world will compare it with Heather Mills. He does not want to recognize,that, in principle, does not need the money. He tries not to lose its paw half the state. "

a couple of weeks Madonna is in New York.She got to tour the United States, and she gives concerts there.Guy still lives in the family house in London and continues to work on a film about Sherlock Holmes.
despite the strong views of the Madonna on stage, it is, according to friends, very upset about the negative reviews about it in the media, appearing for the last week.

again renewed rumors of a romance with the singer baseball player Alex Rodriguez: athlete buys a penthouse for $ 80 million in the neighborhood of Madonna.

Ricci also continues to accuse his wife of what is possible.Now, the director said that Madonna was watching him.He is convinced that pop queen uses a staff of investigators who track his every move and report to her about it.

Guy even compared the approach to the divorce of Madonna with "activities of the KGB."

¬ęThis is a divorce, not the" Cold War "!" - Signals Ricci Madonna.

Yesterday the singer broke down and in concert in Toronto, Canada, told the audience: "I'm lonely, I need the company of friends."

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