How to seduce a woman for sure?

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So, let's think.A man wants to seduce the girl with the intention to tear off her clothes and make love - and that's a fact.The ideal option is a quick seduction.Such haste is due to testosterone.Men prioritize according to their needs in sex.But how to seduce a woman in a short time?

What you need to know for seduction?

  1. Think about it.It is very difficult, but the thing is that you start to slow down events.Women, by nature, is very intelligent and sensitive.And they are convinced that they know what men want.Walk on the reverse.Be smarter.Do not ask her about sex - it does not say that on the first date, he does not, but in a way, the process will go as it were, on their own, it will be good, and it has enough time to be excited.The fact that you are slowing down the process of seduction, you go ahead of all rivals inept.
  2. Build plans.Do not think that you lay out on a silver platter the tutorial "How to seduce a woman?Theory and practice. "Women really like men who know how to make plans.To entice you must have some way of thought.Send an invitation to dinner and cook it yourself.Come up with a reason to lure her to his guests.Do not talk directly about sex, but only hints at

    him.It is necessary to make sure she understands how you work on seducing her, and she knows exactly what has come for sex.
  3. Buy food.All women love good food, though may not show it.You can seduce a woman strawberry, chocolate or something else sweet.Not
    not buy very much.Also, women like men who feed them.
  4. talk to her.Try to make her laugh.Every woman loves to laugh.They always prefer men with a sense of humor.When she was in a good mood, then it relaxes, and it is easier to seduce.
  5. To understand how to seduce a woman should not only talk about yourself.Do not be selfish.Tell her compliments, praise, flatter, but in any case, do not criticize and do not judge.
  6. Do not just crawl under the jacket, otherwise how to seduce a woman, if she becomes uncomfortable?Be sensual and passionate.Many women like to be touched in different places.This hands and legs, and shoulders, not just intimate places.So you can create the impression that is the same as all that is thinking only about the bed.It should be a little stand before the temptation.Touch, step back, and then again ...
  7. How to seduce a woman pleasing?When you're already in the bedroom, do your best to please her first.If you give her a supreme pleasure, then you will become the winner.It will be yours and ask to continue.And then she will do everything to make you well.And everyone knows what it says.

Now you know how to seduce a woman.Proceed to the action!We hope that you will be happy with a woman!And good luck to you!