How to become a great lover and outshine all previous women in his life?

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Questions conquest of the opposite sex have always been and will be relevant.What tricks women just do not go in order to attract, win and retain the particular man.It turns each with varying degrees of success.What is the secret?They are really mass offer you express instructions "How to become a great lover."

It all starts with a special relationship ...

What is important for a man in a woman?Appearance?Not at all!How many beauties meet old age alone, or suffer from a lack of youth in the life of the very unique.The man at least be delayed for a long time next to the woman with whom he feels comfortable and interesting.You will never find an answer to the question: "How to become a great lover?"- If you do not learn to understand men.It's enough to listen to your partner and try to pass all heard through.Learn also to feel a man.Without it, nothing happens.Guessing his mood: sometimes it is necessary to support, in other situations it will be enough just to keep silent, but to show their interest.When the relationship is just beginning, learning by trial and error, change the strategy of behavior.And another tip - the perfect woman does not have problems.You can ask a man for help and advice, but always complain about wasted and loaded it with their problems is not worth it.On the contrary, you have to be positive and quiet - always to show the joy of meetings and the absence of any trouble in his life.

How to be the perfect lover in bed?

Intimacy - a considerable component of the relationship.You should start with yourself - even if looks are not important, but more on grooming should not be forgotten.Also, be sure to buy several sets of erotic lingerie and some accessories.But preparation for the appearance of love merrymaking important not to overdo it: hardly a partner like it if during foreplay, he will always cling on jewelry or you will be bound uncomfortable underwear, in this situation, and all the desire abyss can.With regard to sex, all the tips the perfect lover are reduced here to a looseness and a willingness to try new things.Do not know how to not be ashamed, the desire to try to save the situation with your partner new positions, types of fondling and perhaps even some toys for adults.

I want to be perfect in everything!

best lover should share the interests of the elect, but do not forget at the same time on its own initiative.Arrange unusual dating, try to give a man such impressions and memories, which he had not been with any woman.And so should act in all areas, the answer to the question of how to become a great lover - to be better than all surrounding women in all.If meetings are held at least occasionally in your area, be sure to maintain the comfort and cleanliness of the apartment.Learn to cook, or at least your partner regularly offers drinks on the time of day and season.Take care of your chosen one in everything from the smallest detail, and he is sure to appreciate it.