How to display hidden files windows 7.

Not everyone knows how to hide objects in Windows.Many do not even know of the existence of such a function and therefore hide or, on the contrary, show hidden files of Windows 7 - not an easy task for them.In these folders convenient to put any personal information that you would like to hide from public view or to protect access to it in order to not inadvertently deleted.Also, many folders, system files are hidden by default.Hiding the system files - a very important feature, because if someone from the user accidentally deleted a file, the system could simply "die."It will have to be reinstalled.Also, remove hidden files and may affect certain programs.In principle, the process is not very complex, but very enjoyable.If you are not afraid of what might inadvertently remove unwanted file or folder, you can enable the display of hidden folders.However, it takes away all sense of hidden files as if they are still visible, there is no reason to keep them hidden.

If you turn on the visibility of hidden objects, they will be displayed next to all the other files.In the view of hidden files of Windows 7 differ only in their icons (thumbnails) is almost completely transparent.Inside the hidden folders are normal files, but the root directory is still displayed hidden.

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Make hidden files visible in Windows 7 is pretty easy.To display hidden files of Windows 7, you should go straight to the control panel.Where she is, she knows each user.On the "Type" of "Folder" select "Show hidden files".Of Windows 7 - the operating system is very convenient.So, as you can see, this function is activated very quickly and easily.There is another way to see the hidden files Windows 7. Perhaps it even easier.For this you need to select the top menu of the "Tools" tab, and then - click "Folder Options."Perhaps you can not see the top menu.In such a case, press the "Alt" key after the program.

View hidden files of Windows 7 can also be a third way.It is quite simple.If you use the file manager Total Commander, you can take advantage of its functionality, to see hidden files Windows 7. In the menu you have to select "Configuration" and then - "Settings".The left side of the window that appears, select "Content panel."In the list of options on the left tick the appropriate line.Remember that show hidden folders, you open access to system files, and if this computer uses one of the children, such action could lead to a not quite safe outcome.

hidden folders are also associated with a variety of devices connected to the computer.It is understood that the commonly connecting the player or phone to your PC, you can see that they are incomprehensible empty hidden folders.Their presence is not a problem, just control systems of these devices create different backup folder, placing them in temporary files.Typically, the removal of these folders is only valid until the next turn on the device, since then they appear again.