Which vitamin is contained in onions?

Bow - an ancient vegetable plant.He was particularly appreciated Egyptians.Image onions were sealed on the walls of ancient caves and buildings.Soldiers at the time were convinced that this vegetable will give them strength and courage.

What about onions and garlic

Luka like any other plant, the subject of many proverbs and sayings.He has long been considered one of the best remedies for the treatment of many ailments.This plant is also effective cleaners used for appetite.In the Middle Ages it was considered medicinal and food at the same time.In our country, this vegetable is a miracle, too, is known for a very long time.Although the dishes national cuisine has long been famous for the huge abundance of this product, at the time people hardly knew what vitamin in onions and garlic.Also, little was known about the substances contained in onions, which have antimicrobial properties.Not less popular among the ancient peoples used the garlic, they even swore at the conclusion of agreements and contracts.

beneficial properties of onion

most important useful feature of this product - it is the presence of its essential oils special substances - volatile, which have a very strong antibacterial effect.For a short period of time can destroy many types of fungi and bacteria.The most healing power is at the base of the bulb and the surrounding area, it is worth paying attention when cleaning.Luke is very effective for colds.If you inhale the essential oil, it is possible to get rid of a cold.It is widely known that a vitamin is in the onion: it is primarily a group of vitamins B, C, and a large number of trace elements.This vegetable is a diuretic, antidiabetic and tonic, perfectly stimulates the appetite.A mixture of onion and garlic is very good to cure a long healing wound.Since ancient times they were treated rheumatism, gout, kidney disease.The beneficial properties of onion make it indispensable in our diet.

effect on the body

Scientists know what special agent and a vitamin in onions reduces the risk of cancers of the prostate.Fresh onion greens makes any dish a bright, attractive and appetizing.It should also be noted that the bow treats corns, warts, has a positive effect on the skin.Also great is taken with acne, strengthens hair and nails.Good help with diarrhea and at the same time prevents constipation.It displays the excess fluid from the body, lowers blood sugar levels, helps the proper functioning of the thyroid gland.Onion ingredients help in the treatment of asthma and bronchitis different.Everyone knows what vitamin contains onions to combat various viral infections - Vitamin C is also the component effectively slows down the aging process.

No matter how good the product, it has a number of contraindications.In diseases of the stomach and duodenum in large quantities is contraindicated onion.Onion tincture is undesirable in diseases of the liver, kidneys and heart.

The rich onion

In this part will be discussed in detail, which contains vitamins onion.Its main nutritional value - a carbohydrate and nitrogenous substances.Carbohydrates are mainly found in the form of sugars.Depending on the conditions of cultivation of sugar may be different.In addition, the bulb onions presence of proteins, amino acids and many glycosides.This vegetable is rich in minerals and organic acids.Yet it contains phosphorus, calcium, potassium, iron, iodine, magnesium.Onions - a rich source of vitamins.Not everyone knows what vitamin onions most important - it's the vitamins of group B. Namely: B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (pantothenic acid) and B8 (pyridoxine).If you include this product in your daily diet, you can compensate for the deficiency of vitamins C and A. The bow contains a small amount of organic acids, mainly malic and citric.

How useful

onion peel onion peel is useful in angina, stomatitis, as has the strongest antimicrobial activity.Also, it is possible to treat a variety of wounds, diaper rash.This is an excellent prevention of heart disease and even cancer.Many people know what vitamin onions, what its good and did not realize that in onion skins contain more vitamins and minerals than in the onion.She even used for watering plants to enrich the soil micronutrients.The most common of onion peel prepare decoctions.The broth is brewed at the rate of one part of the husks and ten parts water.

What vitamins in green onions

Chives also known as the best means "spring of treatment."His healing power can withstand so many viruses and bacteria.Feathers are very useful in anemia, in their composition contains a large amount of nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and zinc.The green onions contain three times more ascorbic acid than in the bulb.He is fully disinfects the oral cavity.This product is an essential component in the diet while vitamin deficiency.It will be discussed in detail, which contains vitamin onions.Beta-carotene - the strongest antioxidant, improves eyesight, skin conditions.It normalizes the heart muscle.B vitamins - is B1, B2, B3, B9.Mainly, this vitamin group is involved in the metabolic processes of the body, regulates the nervous system, supports reproductive function, as well as neutralize toxins and heavy metals.Ascorbic acid is essential for enhancing the immune system and the body's resistance to a variety of bacteria and viruses.Vitamin E - a fountain of youth, it gives firmness and elasticity of the skin, ensures the correct functioning of the organs of reproduction.

Traditional recipes archery

Ever since ancient times people knew the healing properties of this vegetable, and studied how the vitamin is present in onions.Because of this it has become widely used in folk medicine.For example, for the treatment of angina used the following recipe.Medium onion cut into several pieces and boiled in a glass of water.The resulting broth infused over several hours and is used for rinsing.With strong headaches well impose on the forehead onion mush.For the treatment of the common cold is recommended to dilute the fresh onion juice with water 1: 1, Moisten the swab received infusion and lay in the nose 3 times a day.If your hair onion masks are simply irreplaceable.The simplest recipe - this fresh onion juice rubbing the hair roots for a week.A month later locks are shiny and healthy.