How to make hot chocolate at home: a step by step recipe

Do you know who figured out how to make hot chocolate at home?Mexican nun!To brighten severe everyday life, full of night vigils and prayers, they are smart enough to plant cocoa powder with milk and add to the sugar cane.The resulting drink is perfectly willing, but fed, warmed.In addition, it was bringing joy in the monotonous life of hermits.Shortly drink recipe gone beyond the monastic cloisters and enriched with new nuances.Now there are many ways to cook hot chocolate.Here are the best of them.

before a hot chocolate at home, it would be necessary to carry basic products.Milk should be lean and fresh.In no case do not use powder or long-term storage.If you decide to use no cocoa powder and chocolate bars, the latter must be of superior quality.That is, without admixture of palm oil and other chemicals, as well as without excipients.Ratio cocoa therein shall be not less than 70%.In the absence of cane sugar allowed to use conventional, beet.

Now the cooking process.A classic recipe of how to make hot chocolate at home, requires grinding the tiles to the state of the ground coffee.This can be done by using a blender or grater.If you use cocoa powder, the preparation stage can be skipped.In a large pot, pour water and put it on fire.The boiling liquid iron put the bowl into which we pour a glass of milk.In cooking, this technique is called the "water bath".Bowl should not touch the bottom of the pan.And milk only need to become very hot, not boiling.

Then the same boiling water should be immersed bowl another - with crushed chocolate or cocoa powder.They should be slightly in front of this breed in several spoonfuls of milk.Hold on a water bath until the slices will not be liquid.Remove from heat and knead a few minutes, making circular motions all the time in one direction.Pour the remaining milk, add two tablespoons (cocoa powder) sugar.Thorough mixing - the basic rule of how to make hot chocolate at home.Massa put back in the water bath.Suffice it to three minutes.

Then add your favorite flavors: cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla and zest.Once again, stir and leave to infuse the drink for 10 minutes.Optionally in the cups can be added to various decorations: whipped cream, star anise and marshmallows.This hot chocolate, a photo that you see is not ashamed to file a banquet table for dessert.

And at the end - a classic recipe.Instead of milk use water.Heat it and pour the crushed 100-gram chocolate bar.Stir until smooth and trying to drive the egg yolk.When the mass begins to thicken, divorce her a small amount of sour cream.At the end add a few drops of liquor.And you can cook and Mexican.Prepare coffee with milk and a pinch of cinnamon, the chocolate is melted in it.Stirring until homogeneity sypem sugar.In another container, beat eggs until foamy, gradually add to the warm mixture to the protein is not curled.So preparing Viennese hot chocolate at home.