Fibroplastika Hair magical cocktail of life

In modern cosmetology not so long ago appeared a fundamentally new, just the magic of its properties, the procedure - fibroplastika hair.It helps conduct instantaneous drastic improvement curls.Make fibroplastiku can be expensive beauty salons, but it is possible and achieve good results at home with the help of special tools.Our article is just about the miraculous effect of the procedure fibroplastiki and advice on the feasibility of using it.

age-old battle for gorgeous curls

Beautiful, luxurious tresses - this is what every woman wants.They are not always from nature.Women are fighting in every possible way for beautiful hair.Paints, foams, mousses, ironing, aggressive water (eg, pool), hair dryers and other women's stuff to damage their hair with frightening speed.Hair falling out, thinning, break and become too fat or, conversely, too dry.

decision is!

all efforts to correct the bad condition of the hair are of short duration, or bring negative effects (for example, allergies, burns and so on).In addition, in our country, frost is not uncommon, but they are very bad for your hair.Negative temperatures, warm hats irritate the scalp, which accordingly affects the general condition of the hair.Proper care, hair care will give health and beauty.This can be done at home, or trust professionals.The most correct decision - is, of course, contact the experts.

Fibroplastika Hair: what is it?

More recently, a new service in beauty salons.Fibroplastika - a special molecular cocktail that heals and restores damaged hair and split ends, regardless of their status.

mixture is adjusted individually for each customer depending on the type of his hair.This cocktail is preparing a trained master.

Magic cocktail

Exposure is carried out not only superficially, but also internally.Just an hour hair structure is aligned to the entire length of the hair become more shiny, supple and elastic.Hair acquire healthy.The effect persists for a long time.Therefore, to keep the hair during the holidays from the sun, salty sea water and winds, it is advisable to carry out the procedure in advance.Fibroplastika hair, reviews of which contain a variety of online resources designed to help deal just in damaging effects.

Since the service is completely new, it is not very common.But in the West it is already popular, especially with celebrities because of their hairstyles should always be luxurious, and their stylists would hardly every day "iron" their hair.

Kerestase - star fibroplastiki

Fibroplastika hair from Kerastase - this is a wonderful tool.This is the first of its kind salon solution to restore damaged hair, seal split ends.Rituals Kerastase, as they call this process beauty experts with the tips of sealing have a lasting effect.
Complex Ciment-Cylane before our eyes increases the film on the hair.Intra- silane, which is part of the complex, strengthens the hair from the inside, fills the space of molecules, and the damaged area is leveled, surrounded as a shield.As a result, hair is protected, have a healthy shine and do not lose length.

Fibroplastika Kerastase Hair: steps

Application fibroplastiki in a beauty salon takes place in the following stages.
Operation passes alternately: first, the wizard uses shampoo bath Force Architecte to cleanse the scalp and hair.Then the hair is applied to the molecular mixture of Fusio-Dose.That it is the essence of fibroplastiki.Active ingredients of this mixture act on the hair at the molecular level.These components are selected individually for each client.

Force Architecte mask rubbed into the hair to restore their structure inside and out.After this mask hair become denser, healthier and shinier.

After the mask is applied to wet hair serum Fibre Architecte.With constant use of this tool, split ends almost disappear, which gives hope for the future in the long hair.

result of applying the rituals fibroplastiki

salon use funds to fibroplastiki provides a truly luxurious results.An hour of blёklyh hair, thin and seemingly groomed become strong, healthy, shiny and voluminous.Due care products from Kerastase hair can maintain the beauty and health of hair and in the home, which is very convenient, even for women who can not frequent the salons.

Fibroplastika hair at home is becoming more accessible in terms of price.Many people want to have long hair, and it is now possible to grow them without any problems.

Cropping split ends too promotes hair growth, in spite of all the myths.Fibroplastika hair, reviews of which experienced the miracle of cosmetology is really attracted to, effective and affordable.


procedure fibroplastiki tried to not only western actress and singer.And our stars have benefited from the operation.After all, women want healthy hair, even if not by nature.

And thanks to the unique technology and skillful hands of masters, any woman will feel the heroine of the animated film "Tangled."Soon the service will dial popularity and everyone will know what the procedure is.A fibroplastika hair at home will become as commonplace as the familiar mask / air conditioning.