Charles Dickens.

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book "The Adventures of Oliver Twist 'was the second major work for twenty-five years of Charles Dickens.This book is a milestone in his life.After its publication, as they say, a British writer became famous.

Young classic was doing his job: he wrote a controversial book, obviously, at the risk that it "will not accept", he wrote, later identified by Pasternak, creating "a cubic piece of steaming conscience."Also typical of the XVIII century novels exciting romantic story, Dickens book bears a social function, it reveals the plight of the children of the lower strata, as well as distancing government from solving their priority problems.We will try to present a summary."The Adventures of Oliver Twist" - a novel that contains a statement of the obvious social problem.The child is vulnerable.His perspective: on the one hand - public institutions, people steal childhood and depriving children matured prospects, and on the other - the underworld, involving children, crippling, and then kill them at a young age.

Dickens 'Oliver Twist' sets out in chronological order.The boy was born in a workhouse.His father is unknown, and a young mother died in their first childbirth.His childhood was devoid of smiles, it is only one continuous discrimination from the beatings, humiliation and half-starved existence.From the treasury of the house he was sent as an apprentice to a master-undertaker.There he was confronted with the brutality and injustice, therefore escaped.

He went to London, where he fell under the influence of the leader of thieves, Fagin the Jew.He tries hard to teach a boy to steal.But Oliver Twist when his eyes "mentors" Artful Dodger and Charley Bates "mined" from unwary gentleman's handkerchief, becomes a moment of truth.He was horrified, throws away, and the surrounding catch as a thief.Unfortunately, all the emotions of the child does not pass a summary.

Oliver Twist light up, at last, a ray of light: to his happiness, in these circumstances, Oliver met with Mr. Brandlou (while acting in the role of the victim).The man later changed the fate of a boy examining his family tree and at the end of the book to him becoming the adoptive father.After repeated attempts to engage the boy in a robbery (Fagin iskhitryaetsya kidnap him from Mr. Brandlou) he is wounded, it is in the family of Mrs. Meili, which is home to the girl Rose (younger sister of Oliver's late mother) on a reception niece.Suddenly, to their house girl comes to Nancy, who lives at Figini accomplice and tells overheard dark plans of criminals on the unfortunate boy.

Realizing that life and the fate of the boy in danger, Rose looking for an assistant accidentally meets Mr. Brandlou.He spends the whole investigation, bringing to it other worthy people.The story becomes more interesting - it even says summary."The Adventures of Oliver Twist" acquire the features of a good detective.Gradually float "skeletons in the closet."It turns out that Oliver's mother Agnes died as a boy after age (provided that it will grow a decent man) suddenly received an inheritance from a deceased lover in Rome.To the late Mr. Lyford, a married man, the girl's love was the only consolation.His wife was a monster, and his son Edwin (later became Monks) from childhood showed inclination to the criminal path.Upon learning of the death of Lyford in Rome, a legal wife came and destroyed his will, then appeared to his father's mistress and threats forced him, a weak man, and change the name to escape with her two daughters out of the house.Disgraced Agnes runs away from his father to the workhouse where Oliver dies in childbirth.Her father, believing that the eldest daughter committed suicide, also dies of grief.The youngest daughter of the family of Mrs. accept mail.

concludes our summary."The Adventures of Oliver Twist" - a novel that reveals the inside story of the underworld: meanness and greed.Became a complete villain, Monks learns from the mother of his half-brother Oliver.He instructs Fagin make an innocent boy and a thief, "holding out the prisons' cause visilitse.Plan - a hell of, but at stake - an inheritance.About his personality knows Mr. Brandlou, released on hiding the villain, even without the help of brave Nancy, who was brutally murdered accomplice Fagin.He "set ajar villain to the wall" by the irrefutable facts and issue a threat to justice (in this case the offender waiting gallows).He thus forcing Monks leave the country with no prospect of return and inheritance.Justice.The culprit who killed Nancy, do not live up to the investigation, and the villain Fagin court decision gets hanged for their "services".

novel "Oliver Twist" after its publication stirred up much public interest.Book Classic has been raised to the level of national debate significant problem: disadvantaged children growing up in an indifferent society turn its dregs.They wander, and to survive, go to the crime scene.