Shampoo hair deep cleaning: reviews, prices, application

What is the most popular means for hair care?Of course, the shampoo.But few people think that the cleansing treatment - it is also the foundation of beauty and health of our hair.Even the best masks, balms can not cope with the locks, if shampoo matched incorrectly.There is a special category of them - this shampoo deep cleaning.The properties are similar to cleaning treatments, peels.What is the secret of these funds, who managed quite quickly gained popularity among other shampoos?

Why is it needed?

From time to time, our locks are dull start to get dirty quickly, there is a feeling that they are overloaded with heavy steel.In fact, the hair not only accumulate dust, dirt or grease, nicotine pollution and styling products, dyes, chlorine.To cleanse the skin, we use the peels, scrubs.And how to be with the scalp and hair?For this purpose, there are shampoos and deep cleaning.The objective of such products - to penetrate deep into the hair to lift flakes, remove all dirt, exfoliate dead cells of the scalp and locks themselves.Also means prepares the hair to a deep and effective penetration masks, different care.They have a higher Ph, than other shampoos, contribute to the fact that the pigments rapidly washed out of the hair, so not suitable for daily use.

In some cases, you can use?

When choosing a detergent product always keep in mind its functionality.So, if we talk about domestic use, deep cleaning shampoos are recommended for those who regularly use hair styling styling tools: mousses, sprays, liquid crystals, varnishes, gels, waxes and other products.In such cases, the application means acceptable once a week.Furthermore, most modern cleansing treatment include silicones, sodium lauryl sulfate and other corrosive, harmful components.They can accumulate in the hair, so professionals recommend once a month, use a deep cleansing treatment to wash out unwanted components.It is also a means for those girls who often make oil mask, for example, burdock oil.These products clog the pores and skin may gradually become greasy hair will quickly get dirty.Shampoos deep cleaning well with such problems.

Professional use

Most hairdressers, beauty industry technologists believe unreasonable use of products for deep cleaning in standalone mode, home.This is due to the fact that out of ignorance or inexperience can cause significant damage to the hair.Since this product - it's only the technical means for the application to different procedures Hairdressing.These shampoos are very aggressive alkaline cleaning component, it strictly affects the structure of the hair, and at the frequent use damages the scaly layer.Shampoo for deep cleansing of hair is primarily intended for use before a perm, keratin straightening, laminating.When using technical shampoo these treatments are more successful due to the degreasing hair.Curls are porous and absorb the best part of caregivers or straightening products.

How to use Application

deep cleanser is practically no different from using regular shampoo.The product is applied to wet hair.For the convenience of professionals advise them to divide into zones.First, apply the composition to the scalp and foamed slightly, then spread over the entire length.Depending on the manufacturer's recommendations, shampoo for deep cleansing of hair should be kept from 3 to 5 minutes, no more.If necessary, if the hair was very dirty, apply the product again without holding time and rinse with warm water.After applying the tools necessary to use a balm and a mask.You can apply conditioner and leave-in care, if the hair is bleached, highly porous and dry.If locks are not regularly exposed to chemical attack, and do not use a lot of styling tools, the use of the product is allowed once every two weeks, but no more.

shampoo deep cleaning: reviews

As mentioned above, the means for deep cleaning quickly gained popularity.Among the large variety of these products are considered to be the most commonly used shampoos Estel, Londa, Schwarzkopf, Cutrin, Kerastase, Redken.It is loved by many BC hair & amp; scaip Deep Cleansing by Schwarzkopf, it is suitable for cleaning congested hair and fat.It has convenient application consistency and gently cleanses the hair, after washing there is a characteristic creaking, signaling the clean hair.Shampoo gives a sense of "breathing" of the skin, the hair is soft and light.Very effective for problematic oily scalp.Shine and clean hair with regular use are stored much longer.In addition, the shampoo has a pleasant fragrance, convenient bottle.Product price - from 500 rubles.

Shampoo "Estelle" deep cleaning

Another popular means to win the favor of many women.All funds and shampoos against Estel positioned as products for professional care.They differ in the degree of purification: soft, medium and deep.Means for deep cleaning is suitable for all hair types.Effectively removes dirt and care products, at the same time to prepare hair salon procedures, so actively used by professional craftsmen.Shampoo contains keratin complex and vitamin B5, which is the most powerful moisturizer.Shampoo "Estelle" deep cleaning is presented in a large package - 1000 ml bottle, good foaming agent, which makes it very economical.The price is very democratic - from 300 rubles.

Cleansing at home

Natural means for clarification of hair can make yourself.However, the use of home remedies has its disadvantages.All peels, masks, self-production, it is necessary to keep the hair for a while, many natural ingredients must be present before you start using them.Also, wash your hair will have a lot longer than usual shampoo, and, finally, the national cosmetics is not always a pleasant smell, because it contains no perfumes.The most effective deep cleaning shampoo at home - salt scrub.It is best to use finely ground salt.The number of trays depends on the length of hair, can range from 2 to 5. Take a small container and dissolve therein the salt with warm water in a ratio of one to one.This solution was watering his head, gently massaging the scalp.In this way, the washing should not be abused, once or twice a month is enough.

Where to buy, the price

cosmetic products aimed at deep cleansing of hair, produced by many firms.Try to buy only genuine products from certified vendors.This will ensure a good result and will save from disappointments.Shampoo deep cleaning, the price of which varies from 300 to 1000 rubles, you can buy in professional hairdressing.Also, many stores are showcases with products and your master will select the proper care, will provide recommendations based on the features of your curls.

Remember that frequent use of such aggressive agents can lead to dry skin, damage to locks, itching, dandruff and even hair loss.Therefore, observe the simple rules of use, and enjoy a good result.