The financial resources of the company: characteristics and main sources

financial resources - a cash flow and earnings of entrepreneurs, which are intended to extend and promote the production, to carry out financial incentives to meet the requirements and so on.They are the epitome of real economic relations.

funding sources

most important of these is the cost of the country's GDP, which is composed of profits, wages and capital plans.

their sources at the macro level are:

  • income from FEA (foreign economic activity);
  • GDP;
  • attracted resources (loan);
  • national wealth.

sources at the micro level are the following:

  • borrowed funds (loan, proceeds from the sale of bonds, stocks, etc.);
  • finances, which were obtained by the procedure of distribution (insurance deposit and so on);
  • own funds and those equated to them (vacation and salaries).

Financial resources are working and fixed capital.Their
formation occurs at the primary level, at the time of formation of the company, when there is equity.We are talking about property organization, which was created with the help of constituent contributions.Consequently, the financial resources are those resources that are available to manual after operating costs have been carried out to cover the expenses and the payment of wages.

Financial resources are organized, planned and are stimulated using a special mechanism which consists of a complex of interconnected elements.Let us examine them in more detail:

  • Economic methods - a means of influence on the production process.Thanks to their existing financial resources formed and used.
  • Legal Support "works" on the basis of laws, regulations, orders and other legal documents.
  • financial leverage - these are techniques that "trigger" financial resources.
  • Standard maintenance - these are the rules, orders, directives, standards, methodical explanations, instructions, and other tariffs.
  • Information support - a variety of commercial, economic, financial support.It includes also information on financial solvency and stability of the competitors and partners, the cost of goods, exchange, interest, dividends on the markets (stock, commodity, foreign exchange), the situation on the stock exchange, business entities, and so on.

Financial resources are usually used in the following areas:

  1. provides a manufacturing process (investment costs, repairs, purchase of intangible assets, the payment of bonuses to encourage employees, financing the reserve fund).
  2. Application for defense, security, state authorities and law enforcement agencies.
  3. costs for execution of monetary obligations to investors, founders, shareholders and so on.

financial resources formed and used taking into account the special control system.It is about management, which aims to achieve tactical and strategic objectives of the organization.

For optimal control, management should:

  • organize and manage the company's relationship in the economic field with other enterprises, insurance companies, banks, the budgets of all levels, as well as financial relations within the organization;
  • generate financial resources, to predict their arrival and produce optimization;
  • allocate capital and accompany the process of its functioning;
  • analyze and direct the cash flows.