Allergies to metals: causes, symptoms, treatment

Scientists have proved that metal allergy is extremely common disease of the skin and occurs in approximately 10% of the people.This diagnosis will agree, it sounds very exotic.But still it brings a lot of discomfort just above allergic to metal.Gold and silver, metal belt buckles, money coins, buckles on fashionable jeans - all this can give anyone an inconvenience and substantial efforts.Where does the disease?Try to understand!

Allergic contact dermatitis: it

aforesaid disease is a disease of our time.Of course, pure silver and gold do not cause allergies.But today, these products are increasingly made to enrich the alloy of metals that cause allergic contact dermatitis.It:

  • nickel;
  • cobalt;
  • gallium;
  • chrome;
  • molybdenum;
  • beryllium.

Allergens can be collected in the body for a long time and at one point cause unwanted "conflict situation" with the skin.Besides the unpleasant symptoms on the skin, allergic contact dermatitis can be accompanied by headaches, edema formation, problems with the digestive tract.

metal allergy: causes

According to statistics, it is the inhabitants of industrial cities are subject to the above disease more than the inhabitants of the suburban areas or rural areas.

Interestingly, allergies to metal can not exercise their symptoms for years.Slowness of the allergen is often caused by the following factors:

  • the immune system;
  • activity of allergen-stimulus;
  • age of the patient;
  • individual character of sensitivity to the allergen.

reasons that cause allergic contact dermatitis - is primarily a long-term contact with the metal-irritant.The cells of the body under the influence of this substance over time, change their chemical composition.Then they begin to be perceived by the human body as malicious, there is a defensive reaction to them.

Experts say that another important reason of allergy to metal is a weakness and frequent stress, fatigue, irritability.It is these phenomena create excellent preconditions for the development of the above diseases.

Symptoms of allergic reactions to the metal

allergy to metal skin has the following features:

  • unbearable itching;
  • rise in temperature;
  • rash on the skin;
  • actinic top layer of the epidermis and skin peeling;
  • formation of redness, which often reminds his appearance burn.

If time to identify the symptoms of the above illnesses and begin a course of therapy, then eventually an allergy to the metal only aggravates the situation with the patient's health.

latent threat to the human body in this area are clothing items such as fasteners from bras, metal buttons and buckles.

Prosthetics and manifestation of allergic reaction

allergy to metals in dentistry - a frequent phenomenon.It is manifested by the following symptoms:

  • appearance of signs of stomatitis;
  • regular pain in the mouth;
  • the presence of a metallic taste in your mouth;
  • observation reddening and erosions of the tongue;
  • inflammation of the gums and lips.

why dentists detection of metal allergy in a patient using special metal crowns: tsirkoniekeramicheskie, zolotokeramicheskie, titanokeramicheskie.The first material is very heavy.The second two have a very high cost.But when there is no escape, the dentists insist on their application, and then the patient has to agree to such inconvenience.

Sometimes, dentists say, an allergy to the metal can be provoked by the fact that in the mouth there are several types of such a material, between which there may eventually be a kind of "conflict."Therefore, doctors try to search with the help of special devices in time to determine the propensity of the patient to such phenomena before the prosthesis.

allergy to metal: the treatment of the above symptoms

successfully eliminated the disease with medication drugs.By antihistamine therapeutic agents include:

  • «Diphenhydramine";
  • «Diazolin";
  • «Suprastin";
  • «Zodiac";
  • «Tavegil."

Experts warn that use their own above drugs without prescription of the doctor is dangerous to health!Only a doctor can correctly identify the true causes of allergic contact dermatitis, and pick up the necessary dosage of a therapeutic agent based on individual characteristics of the individual patient.

role of proper nutrition in the event of allergic reactions to the metal

When observing the above symptoms of the disease, special attention should be paid to the proper preparation of their daily diet.Food for allergy sufferers is crucial.First of all experts strongly recommend not to eat foods that can start cross-react with the irritating allergens such as nickel.

brief list of ingredients that are desirable to eliminate from the diet of people prone to allergies to metals:

  • mushrooms;
  • herring;
  • onions;
  • asparagus;
  • spinach;
  • tomato;
  • legumes;
  • zucchini;
  • pears;
  • raisins;
  • nuts;
  • flour products.

also important not to cook in a pan of nickel, since the accumulation of the above metal in the body of this category of people is strictly contraindicated.In addition, it is recommended to refuse the use of conservation both industrial and domestic production.

Traditional methods of treating allergic reactions to metal

Our grandmothers, of course, did not know what the diagnosis and homeopathy allergy to metal, but perfectly able to treat it.Therefore, in the medicine cabinet Russian healers are always in stock a few effective methods that can eliminate the above-mentioned symptoms of the disease.

Healers offer alternative medicine to treat atopic dermatitis on the metal by the following means:

  • use lotions from natural fresh cucumber or apple juice (products must be grown at home);
  • apply compresses of fresh juice made from potatoes;
  • applied to the affected areas of the skin cream homepage fat or butter;
  • use a tincture of St. John's wort, or oak bark.

But we should remember that before you apply the above methods for the treatment of atopic dermatitis in the metal, it is important to consult with an experienced professional.Indeed, any herb can exacerbate the condition of your health, as it can be your potential allergen.

How to avoid allergic reactions to metal

There are some guidelines that can help prevent the occurrence of allergic reactions to the metal:

  1. Buy ornaments of silver and gold certainly not pure nickel in the composition.
  2. Remember that the period of carrying products from the above metal also has its limitations.
  3. Before going to bed is recommended to remove all jewelry.This is done for two reasons.The first is to clean the products themselves in terms of energy.The second is to prevent the occurrence of atopic dermatitis on the skin.
  4. When observed symptoms of allergies to metal, it is important to alternate wearing silver and gold jewelry.
  5. Avoid stress and exhaustion, irritation and stress the body.After all, on their background are developing many of the changes that cause the appearance of a variety of allergic reactions, including metal.
  6. Eliminate from your wardrobe synthetic clothes.Also, do not use in everyday life unnatural powders.

Experts say that people who are prone to allergic dermatitis to the metal, it is undesirable to visit the sauna and steam bath.When the soul is always recommended that special moisturize the skin nourishing cream.

allergy tests

Allergy metal always brings a lot of inconvenience.Therefore, in time to determine your body's tendency to occurrence of atopic dermatitis, it is important to carry out their own test for allergies.It is made according to the following guidelines:

  1. If the body already has the symptoms of an allergic reaction, allergy test does not.It is important to wait until their complete disappearance.
  2. Then take a product that is suspected of causing discomfort, and attach it to the skin of the forearm.Wear this subject is recommended for about three days.
  3. to shoot at night can not be above the bandage.

Experts note that three days is sufficient to show an allergy to the metal.This can happen before.

sufficiently serious disease - an allergy to the metal.Causes, symptoms and treatment for each person individually.Tighten the treatment of the above disease experts do not recommend.Because the disease can create favorable conditions for the development of other human health problems.