Railway troops: War on rails

Railway Troops - a specialized branch of service, which is a structural part of the Land Forces and is intended for the construction, reconstruction and cover railway system in a real combat situation.In any war, the value of this type of troops is difficult to overestimate.After all, the railways - the blood vessels of war.With rail transport takes place redeployment, are brought to the front line reserves, weapons and military equipment, ammunition and food.It is on the functioning of this mode of transport depends largely on the success of large-scale military campaigns and wars.

Railway Troops of the Russian Federation, its history is inextricably linked with the history of the state.The contribution of this kind of military troops in the strengthening of the defense power and the development of railway infrastructure Russia is really huge.Railway Troops took part in all armed conflicts and big wars that have befallen the country.

crucial role the railroad played in the military during World War II.Almost from the first day of the war, the Railway Troops performed tasks for the protection of Railways from German air raids and technical support business continuity.After the onset of the global counter-offensive of our troops immediately began to restore destroyed infrastructure.

just wartime railway troops restored and built about 120 thousand kilometers of primary, peripheral and station tracks, more than 15 thousand plants, making it possible to provide an unprecedented in the history of wars, military transportation volumes, which amounted to about 20five million. wagons.Sappers of the kind of troops in the same period have neutralized more than 2 mln. Mines and unexploded bombs.The glorious deeds of military railwaymen much closer time of the Great Victory.

Today Russian railway troops are engaged in technical protection, rehabilitation, mine boom sections and railway infrastructure, as well as solve a number of other important tasks.Especially important mission warriors railroad in terms of activation of terrorism in Russia, including in rail transport.

In modern conditions the branch executes not only one of the problem of military-tactical, but also the civilian mission of great importance for the national economy.In this war the railroad helps the most modern equipment for special purposes.For example, lifting and straightening and vypravno-straightening machines, flat lifting frame and screw support, and many other specialized machines.

technical capabilities, mobility and autonomy of the divisions of railway troops were clearly demonstrated during a humanitarian mission in the Republic of Abkhazia.Ground technical intelligence was revealed the catastrophic state of a section of the railway, which is essential for the economy of Abkhazia.In record time, the military railway was restored message on pyatidesyatikilometrovom Vesyoloe - Ochamchira.Timely repair of ways, not only revived the economy of the newly independent republic, but also ensure the safe movement of troop trains during the operation to force Georgia to sign a peace treaty.