The atomic bomb: the universal evil, or a panacea for the world's wars?

history of atomic weapons begins with the discovery J. Curie in 1939.Then scientists realized that a chain reaction of some elements may be accompanied by the release of limiting the amount of energy.Subsequently, it formed the basis of nuclear weapons.

The atomic bomb is a weapon of mass destruction.In the process of explosion released so much energy in a relatively small space that the projection on the ground place seismic tremors.

Effects of atomic weapons: a strong shock wave, heat, light, ionizing radiation, as well as a powerful electromagnetic pulse.The atomic bomb is made on the basis of plutonium.Also used uranium.

first atomic bomb was developed and tested by the Americans July 16, 1945 in the town of Almogordo.It showed the world the formidable force of nuclear weapons.Then, in August of the same year, the new weapons were used against civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.Japanese cities were almost wiped off the face of the planet by shock waves, and the survivors of the bombing of the people later died from radiation sickness.Their death was painful and long.The use of nuclear weapons of the United States was caused not so much by military necessity as a plan to intimidate the Soviet Union with new weapons.In fact, it was the beginning of the Cold War and the arms race.

Stalin right hint, however, did not succumb to blackmail.All the forces have been thrown on the creation of a "symmetrical response" - Soviet nuclear weapons.For his development of an ad hoc committee was formed under the leadership of L. Beria, which included such luminaries of science as Kurchatov, Kapitsa and Joffe.Captured German documents of the Bulgarian high-quality uranium deposits have helped to ensure the project of nuclear fuel, and timely intelligence about US nuclear weapons greatly accelerated development.

information that the Soviet Union is actively developing a nuclear bomb, caused the US ruling elite desire to unleash a preventive war.For these purposes, it developed a plan "Trojan", which was planned to take military action January 1, 1950.At the time, the United States already had 300 nuclear bombs.The plan called for the destruction of the seventy major Soviet cities.

But the Soviet Union was ahead of the aggressors.In 1949, August 29, has been successfully tested an atomic bomb in the Soviet test site near Semipalatinsk.The device, which bore the code name "RDS-1" has been undermined at 7am.This event has been notified of the world.Successful testing of nuclear weapons in 1949 foiled plans to attack Americans in the Soviet Union because of the threat of retaliation.After all, now that of the Soviet Union, too, it was the atomic bomb that ended the "nuclear monopoly" of the US.A new, active phase of the Cold War.

Soviet nuclear bomb had the power only 22 kilotons.Who superpower thermonuclear devices carry megatons of destructive power.Mankind has created the most destructive weapon, but the presence of such weapons keeps him from the new world wars.