What do the flag and emblem of China?

Chinese culture is prone to deep symbolism throughout.Little Dash can completely change the meaning of the character.Not surprisingly, the state symbols of the country is riddled with deep symbolism.

value and appearance of the flag

currently used symbols came into use in 1949, when it was founded by the People's Republic of China.Creating a new country it was accompanied by bloody struggle, so the red flag symbolizes not just a revolution, but also experienced the hardships of the people.Located in the upper left corner of the flag of five stars, too, related to the events of those times.Major star portrays the Chinese Communist Party, and four young can be interpreted in different ways.According to one version, it is a symbol of ethnic groups - Chinese, Manchus, Uighurs, Tibetans.Another view holds that the stars - is the four pillars of communism, that is, the peasantry, the proletariat, the patriotic capitalists and petty-bourgeois elements.Finally, the third version of the whole thing in four Chinese parties.According to this view, located along the stars show the unity of all walks of life under the leadership of the Communist Party.Flag and coat of arms of China are full of symbolism and of great importance to patriotic citizens.Prior to that, the state flag was less symbolic and consisted of bands.Red reminiscent of the Manchus, Han symbolized yellow, black belonged to the Mongols, white - Tibetans and Uighurs meant by green.

What is the emblem?

It should study other state symbols.And the flag and emblem of China's tightly associated with communist symbols.At the last displayed Tiananmen Square, located in Beijing.It is surrounded by ears of wheat and gears, symbolizing agricultural and technological achievements of China.Flag and emblem of the Chinese show five yellow stars.Their interpretation is also the same in both cases.That emblem is in the yellow-red colors, intended to symbolize prosperity and happiness.Area talks about the spirit of people, winning feudalism.Thus, the current flag and emblem of China, souvenir photos and images that you can easily find a lot of talk about the history of the country during the time of formation of its political system.

History of Modern flag

flag and emblem of China emerged on the basis of the communist system.But when the general public were banners?For the first time the flag is mentioned in 100 BC.The Chinese have used for silk cloth, which then was unknown to Europeans.Therefore, the Chinese banners were significantly better than those used by the Romans.Nevertheless, the quality and availability of suitable materials did not cause the development of heraldry, and until the eighteenth century, China had no flags.European scientists have tried to portray any cloth, but all versions have the usual speculation.On ships sailing to Europe, raising the flag, demonstrated only a taste of their masters, so to base judgments on them was impossible.Only in 1862 he appeared a generic version of the flag, but it did not become stable.More significant was the flag of the Kuomintang, which is now a symbol of Taiwan.

Chinese national anthem song Home

Chinese called the "March of the Volunteers".The flag, emblem and anthem of China were created around the same time, but they have different connotations.The song was written about the resistance to Japanese aggression.Nevertheless, the text is filled with patriotism and important for the country no less than in the first half of the twentieth century.On September 27, 1949 was "March of the Volunteers" was adopted for the national anthem, and is used as such to this day.