Joining or influence with NLP

Last time we learned to determine what kind of images of people enjoyed the movement of his eyes.When you create internal images of the human eye are like sightless, eyes fixed on one point, the pupils dilate, nictitating slowing traffic.Another feature of a person is that everyone has a familiar system of images, for example, some people are more likely to create visual images, and other auditory, others - physical (aka - kinesthetic).That this feature is very important for us.We can join with the help of NLP techniques to the usual image of a man and create the necessary rapport to us for suggestions.

How to create a psychological connection of?The first thing to do for mental connection - a system to identify the leading man.In addition to leading the eye to the system indicate the verbs used by another person.Verbs can be non-specific, for example:

I know ...
I thought ...

or specific:

and then I said to myself ...
after that I felt ...
from my point of view it lookslike ...

If we want to say we had seen another person, we must speak in his language.

That is, if it is more likely to create visual images , we are, regardless of how it is convenient to us in person, must use his speech words like:

look ...,
let's look at it another way...,
excellent prospects ...,
show that out of it ...,
not lose sight of ...

The same applies to one who is more focused on auditory images , with him to talk by using phrases such as:

listen ..,
it sounds tempting ...,
let's discuss all the details ...,
is consonant with our ideas ...

With human-oriented bodily sensations , you need to use other words such as:

Feel it ...,
hold the line ...,
need to sort out the facts...,
walk on ...,
cover the whole ...,
touch it ...

Separation of inner experience into three categories (sight, hearing, feeling), which we have done, is called separation in the modality of internal experience.

All that relates to the vision - the memories and views - called visual modality.

auditory images - auditory modality .

experiences and perceptions of movements, feelings, sensations called kinesthetic modality .

man, who is dominated by visual images, called visual.Those who are familiar and comfortable auditory images - audialom.Finally, someone who can clearly remember every feeling that he experienced in reality or imagine any sense called kinesthetic.

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