What is best for the gun foam?

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Polyurethane foam - one of the most popular building material, widely used in the decoration and maintenance.Due to the nature of the structure it is very important to know what is best for the gun foam.Today's manufacturers offer a wide range of devices that will make work easier and more convenient.

What to consider when choosing

To begin, we note that today you can buy a gun at a price of 200 rubles and above.To choose the right product and stable working, should pay attention to a number of features:

  1. material.Current models are based on the metal powder, plastic mold or metal which is coated with Teflon.The most lightweight and easy-to-use products are precisely based powder coating.
  2. reducer.Ideally it should be made of cast metal and is covered with a layer of Teflon.This coating is not accidental: it does not stick to the foam, besides it is always easy to clean.Plastic gear is also good, especially if it is from domestic producers.
  3. housing.What gun foam choose?Note the body.Ideally it should be a metal, but completely plastic models are pretty good.However, some products are so low-quality plastic that is corroded under the influence of foam or cleaner.
  4. collapsible models.Modern guns with mounting foam can understand or be solid.The main feature of collapsible models - the ability to put them on the details and clean.
  5. Material needle.Avoid buying a gun that just covered with paint, he immediately oblezet, so working with him is uncomfortable.Ideally the needle should be constructed from brass or steel.
  6. Availability dispenser.This is an important functional element, since it can be adjusted by the feed amount of polyurethane foam.

Check before buying

To understand what is best for the gun foam, you should test several devices.And this should be done before buying.Check the simplest.First you need to check the operation of the trigger mechanism: as crimped arrive in stores the product inside them is a pressurized gas.As soon as you press the trigger, you hear "zilch": it says that the gun can safely take!

If the characteristic sound was not, then you can buy the cheapest bottle cleaner foam, put it on the gun.A couple of times, press the trigger, listen to the sounds - there are no gaps in the compounds of the gearbox or the valve fitting.Check the gun to spray foam in different modes.So you can test its performance carefully.

cheap or expensive

Before you buy a gun, decide for yourself, for what purpose you need it.If you simply decorate the windows or doorways, it make sense to buy a professional machine is not - you can do a budget model.If you need a gun here to stay, to address the complex and persistent problems, choose one that has a metal housing and Teflon coating.In this note: a good gun for different quality foam assembly and podognannostyu every detail.The virtue of such models - the possibility of assembling and disassembling.

What are the advantages

Modern brands offer a wide range of sealants with a plastic applicator, but not all of us use them conveniently.In this respect, a gun, spray foam is more effective solution:

  1. It can be configured to foam came to a certain dose.It is also possible to change the material in dependence on what will be the depth and the width of the seam.
  2. Once the trigger is released, the foam ceases to act.
  3. A special needle is placed in the body, prevents the ingress of air into the device.That is, at any time, a job can be interrupted, wherein the foam hardens in the cylinder.
  4. If you consider what a gun foam for better pay attention to the model, you can change the cylinders.It extends the scope of work, besides there is no need to disassemble and clean the appliance.
  5. Convenience - as a positive thing pistols.To use it, it is necessary to use only one hand.
  6. Most manufacturers offer models in which parts are made of metal.This ensures the reliability and stability of the product to mechanical stress.

Features of

What is best for the gun foam?Popular brands we look at a little later, and now to determine what features the use of these units.Using them is very simple:

  1. first cylinder is attached to the gun, with its socket must be lubricated to ensure a good seal.
  2. cylinder is turned, the screw is installed in such a position that the flow of foam was optimal.Foam yield is regulated or pressure force or a screw.
  3. first pressing the trigger releasing the air.The application of the foam should be smooth and neat from the bottom up, with the gap junctions are not filled to the end.
  4. During a break in the bottle stored upright.
  5. Upon completion of work disconnect the cylinder, wash off the remnants of the foam from the gun, and do it quickly - so that the material is not prisoh.

We remember the principles

To choose a good gun for the foam, it is necessary to have an idea of ​​how it works.Furthermore, the quality of its operation depends on careful preparation of the treated surface.If there were splashes of foam can be removed with acetone or simple special liquid to foam.After cleaning the surface liberally moistened with water, so that the foam spreads and sticks.Before using the cylinder should be heated to a temperature of 20 degrees.

If you are assembling the elements that are highly susceptible to deformation, select a special foam, which has a low foaming.It demonstrates the resistance to mechanical damage, has a small pore size, so has a low water absorption.After curing, the foam should not be thicker than 3 cm, and it can not be touched until until it is full solidification layer.

Liechtenstein Hilti

question of what is best for the gun foam, worried those who plan to repair the house on their own.Today are many brands offering their products, so you have the opportunity to choose cheap or expensive model.For example, a manufacturer of Liechtenstein Hilti offers pistol, ergonomic design, non-slip handle, trigger increased, as well as a fuse located on the trigger.Created from the gun and high impact-resistant plastic.It is perfectly dispenses different foam and long duration of use.Cost models - from 2500 to 4000 rubles.

Belarusian "Zubr»

Many buyers are interested in the question of what gun foam "Zubr" to choose for home use?It should be noted that the production of the Belarusian brand is available in several versions: "Buran", "Master", "assembling", "Professional", "Expert"."Buran" and "expert" - a full metal model with a Teflon-coated working surfaces."Master" has a plastic housing.All devices have a needle valve made of stainless steel.

for professional use is excellent series of "expert."It is characterized by an innovative system of sealing rings, thus ensuring complete tightness of the structure.By the way, the model is quite cheap - only about 1,000 rubles.

German Kraftool

Under this brand created a series of gun foam.Series Industrie attracts metal barrel and body, as well as a brass needle valve with Teflon coating.In a series of Kraft-Max Teflon cover all work surfaces, and Panter guns have metal parts, but you can not regulate the supply of foam.The average cost of this German brand models - about 600 rubles.

gun Kraftool Gold-Kraft, for example, is made with brass case.It is suitable for application over the foam cylinder.Using brass gives the product reliability and integrity, and the basic elements of a pistol coated with Teflon.Thanks to this care for simple and convenient.

I ntertool

gun foam Intertool - a functional unit, which also has a Teflon coating, characterized by well balanced and easy design.All parts of the gun are attracted proportional shapes, plastic comfortable grip with two recesses.This form allows you to work with the device for a long time, without straining your hand.The distinctive features of the model include:

  1. exact dosing.Therefore, consumption of the foam under control.
  2. Foam instantly stops supplied as soon as the trigger is released.
  3. can work intermittently, without removing the tank.
  4. Teflon coating reduces the likelihood of sticking the foam to the details of the device.

gun foam professional Intertool PT-0606 - a great solution if you need long-term work with this building material.The use of Teflon as the main cover accidental.Firstly, it increases the cold resistance and heat gun.Secondly, to such coverage is not affected by any water or fats.


gun foam "Foreman" is ideal for long-term repair work using polyurethane foam.With it, you can perform the installation of building structures, process window and door openings, conduct heat insulation work.Just 850 rubles you get a device that is made of solid tool steel.The clever design of the handle provides ease of use, even if you work with a gun for a long time.

above the handle is a convenient adjustment screw allowing metered amount supplied foam.This tool comes with four nozzles, allowing you to easily perform all the finishing work.For example, thanks to the flexible polyurethane tube you will manage to fill foaming even the hard to reach areas.


So what gun foam is best?Choose depending on your preferences and financial capabilities.Buy for a single trim window opening after installing PVC profile expensive model does not make sense.For such work enough features simple devices.And for the use of guns for professional purposes, for example, at a constant working with tools, prefer quality and more expensive devices.Whichever model you choose, the main thing - the right to use it.