What should be a set of first-graders

Kindergarten over.Choosing a school, as well as an interview, behind.The child is going to school.What parents need to consider?Of course, to acquire for his child all the basic necessities.What includes a set of first-graders?


backpack School bag - a very important thing.Before purchasing a set of first-graders, think about buying a backpack it.To him, of course, presented a lot of requirements.The most important thing - the load on the shoulders of the child must be correct.Otherwise, he may develop scoliosis.

shopping backpack must be sent together with the future of a schoolboy.It should be not only convenient, but also one that would have appealed to him.Maybe the kid will want to pack neutral colors.Perhaps he will choose the portfolio with the image of favorite fantastic characters.

Parents, in turn, need to pay attention to the materials from which the bag is made.Choose a model made of nylon waterproof fabric.In case of rain a backpack will save the notebooks and textbooks from getting wet.

necessary to determine as to the shape, weight and size of the knapsack.It should not be too large.Otherwise, the baby will be uncomfortable.Rigid orthopedic rear wall should be well-fitting back student.Strong bottom and light weight - as important factors.

In short, before you purchase a set of first-graders, with special attention to the choice of approach backpack.It should be of high quality, comfortable and roomy.

set of first-graders, what is on the list of office supplies

As a rule, before the new school year next class teacher collects parents of young schoolchildren.In this discussion a lot of questions.Among them - a set of first-graders.What's there, what quality must have items.Perhaps it will be the same set, purchased the school or the parent committee.Perhaps every student adults will buy their own.However, the composition sets, in principle, every school same.It is only necessary to know in advance what to navigate.

Thus, a set of first-graders.What's in it?To start buy a roomy comfortable pencil case.It can be immediately put a couple of soft handles with blue ink, simple and colored pencils, scissors with blunt tips, markers, eraser, brushes for drawing a line.The next item - a notebook of 12 sheets in a cell in a diagonal line, as well as covers for them.For the lessons of the fine arts and labor training will also need colored paper and cardboard, clay, glue, paint, sketch pad and a glass-pot.

Do not forget that the blog first grader will likely not be needed.Perhaps in the second half and he will come in handy, but it is not a fact.However, best of all, of course, buy it in advance.In the middle of the year it will make a little more problematic, because almost all the models will be sold in the summer.In an extreme case diary handy next year.

Remember form

So, what you need to consider after you have purchased a first-grader?RF requires the use of school uniforms in secondary schools.What should it be?

In each school, of course, has its own requirements.For example, a class teacher is necessary to specify in advance what should be the colors.

turned their attention to the composition of the material.Prefer clothes with natural composition.Do not forget to purchase a white shirt or blouse, a tie for the boy, golf, bows for girls.

As to the form intended for physical education lessons, the child will need sweat pants, jacket with a zipper, a few T-shirts, sneakers or shoes.

Arrange workplace

Thus, as soon as the set of first-graders acquired, bought a suit and backpack, can only organize your baby comfortable table for homework in his room.To him it is necessary to add a good chair, shelves and tables, where you will put all the school supplies student.Do not forget about pretty creative table lamps, which will not only illuminate the work area of ​​your child, but also to please him with their appearance.

Finally, it is worth noting that the set of the first-grader - a very important point in preparing the child to school.However, not only one.It is necessary to take into account every nuance, every detail - in this case the child will be happy to learn both at school and at home, preparing for the next day.