Ideas for a pedicure: instruction execution

Feet woman as her hands, require careful maintenance and care.Pedicure is an integral part of good appearance.That's about it and will be discussed in this article.We consider interesting ideas for a pedicure.You can also get acquainted with the technique of the procedure.

Cabin care legs

If you do not have a specific idea for a pedicure, you can refer to a specialized institution.There's a wizard with experience not only handle your nails and heels, but also make a beautiful design.However, the pleasure will have to pay some money.The average cost of a classical treatment of the feet with a covering will cost from 1,000 rubles.

You can also come up with ideas for a pedicure at home.It is worth mentioning that before the nail is necessary to make the processing of the foot.You can do this in several ways.The most common of them cut pedicure, equipment cleaning and the use of exfoliating compositions.Choose the one that most suits you.Consider some interesting ideas for a pedicure.

Classic french

Perhaps never goes out of fashion this design.It involves staining the tip of the nail plate in a bright color.The classic jacket is created by shades of white.However, you can take the one that suits your mood or wardrobe.

to file the tips of nails and give them the same shape.After that, using a fine brush to paint the tips of the fingers "smile."Then dry by strips, cover the nails clear varnish.If desired, you can add cover with rhinestones or stickers.However, the decorative elements should not be too cumbersome.It is preferable to choose the location of their large feet finger.

Bright coating

Ideas for a pedicure in the summer may be the most incredible.Of course, you can apply a single color coating, however, agree that it is quite simple and boring.If you go on holiday or vacation, try to make a bright sea pedicure.

Align the surface of the wafer using bafika or soft sanding sawing.Then rinse the dust with fingers and proceed to the surface.Originally SRAs bars on marigolds.Color them, you can select according to your wardrobe.Apply single color coating on the nail and let it dry.Then the big finger of draw a horizontal or vertical stripes.Their color has to be radically different from the ground or be several shades darker.Ideal combination of blue and turquoise, red and yellow, white and black.The rest of the nails must be covered with a solid color.If desired, you can alternate the color of nail polish.Add decorative elements in the form of stars or sequins.At the end be sure to apply a protective coating.

Ideas for pedicure: shellac

Photo of such work is represented in the article.If you choose to create a design gel base, you must first prepare the plate.Sawdust sawing soft nail and lay the basic coverage.It can be applied shellac.

This design looks impressive and attractive.It is worth noting that the pedicure, made in such a way will please you much longer than conventional coating.For completion, you will need an ultraviolet lamp.That's where you need to dry the gel varnishes.If necessary, you can add any decorative elements.Remember that liquid coating will remain as long as you do not put the legs in drying, so it is easy to erase.

Application color manicure foil

Ideas for a pedicure in the new season involve the use of foil.Purchase can be in any cosmetic shop.For its application, you will need a special glue.It is worth noting that you can completely cover the nail an element or select individual patterns.

Apply transparent glue pattern on the nail.It may be branches or flowers.Use this design only the big finger.The rest of the nails completely cover basis.Attach to each claw piece of foil.Wait one minute and a sharp movement of the hand, remove the workpiece.On the fingers of your chosen color will appear.Coat a pedicure should be transparent varnish or fixing means.Otherwise, the design will wash at the first contact with water.

Conclusion You now know some of the ideas of creating a pedicure.If you wish, you can come up with your extra items that your ideal image.Increasingly, the fairer sex is coated with gel nails.This allows you to make them stronger.Also on this plate pedicure (design) will hold much longer.Care for legs and fingers!And it is beautiful!