His name is Neil Epstein, he was a jeweler by trade, he was in '41.Not sleeping, he has at least 34 years.

Here is what he said in an interview with Esquire:

Ā«Esli me when someone starts to complain that does not sleep, I can not find the sympathy.To believe that someone is sleeping better than me?In a good night I manage to doze uneasily quarter of an hour.I usually do not sleep for two or three nights in a row.

Tu particular night when I was last able to sleep, I do not remember.But in the seven years I was wandering around the bedroom before dawn.I was not particularly nervous child in our family no one suffered from insomnia, the mother says that the baby I slept well.So there is no obvious explanation for this.As there is no obvious way out - the mother tried everything, but nothing worked.

at school from lack of sleep, I was very irritable - beat his fists on the table and thrashed in the foot wall.When I was eight, I once in the night of despair began to bang his head against the wall, thinking that since I can not sleep, they might lose consciousness.Years passed, but nothing has changed;I grew irritable teenager, part of the company.However, I did not suffer from it, because I'm used to being alone at night.

I could never lead a normal life, and I can not imagine how people go to the office: in the morning I could barely function.Fortunately, I am a jeweler and can decide for himself when I sit down to work.

Before he met his wife, Julia, I parted with several girls.At first they said they wanted to help, but eventually tired and left.I have to forget, you need to turn on the radio.Therefore, we have decided to Julia, that we will have separate bedrooms.At 11 pm she goes to bed, I wander around the house or work until two or three hours.Before trying to sleep it is useless.I take a sleeping pill once a week (it is addictive), exceeding the dose three times - with the blessing of my doctor.It gives three or four hours of sleep.

and I have four children, Julia.Naturally, I was rocked them at night.I took the baby in his arms, I watched this miracle - he falls asleep quietly - and pressed him to her, hoping that I will be transferred bit of sleep.

for me to fall asleep is still a big mystery.The Council fully cease to think off, but how?Thoughts and spinning in my head.Once I picked up a colleague.Sitting in the back seat, he said he wanted to take a nap.After 30 seconds, I heard the snoring and nearly crashed into a pole.I envied him a frantic envy.How the hell did he do it?

Over the years I have participated in many studies of sleep, was cognitive behavioral therapy, allergy tests, tried different diets, pilates, aromatherapy, acupuncture, and a course of melatonin.Each new specialist believed that he will pick up the key to my insomnia.Over time I have learned to notice the signs of defeat in their eyes, and used together with them to lose hope.The cause of my insomnia so no one found.

Sleep deprivation - a form of torture, and before I met Julie, I seriously contemplated suicide.I saved psychotherapy - the first time I was able to talk about what I feel angry all the time.Psychotherapy is not cured me, but it taught humble.Now, when night comes, I do not feel such a horror as before.I sit at the computer, writing letters to friends, suffering from insomnia, and the company until the morning of my radio.

I'm not that happy, but I accepted. "

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