Effective exercises with dumbbells for chest muscles

well-developed pectoral muscles produce a pleasant aesthetic effect, this applies to both male figure and a female.Exercises to strengthen them is also very helpful to both sexes.Thanks to them, the posture becomes smoother and more correctly, the body is taken successfully with many illnesses, the person receives an excellent opportunity to prevent the emergence of new ones.The most simple and convenient exercise equipment for these purposes can be regarded as a dumbbell.

Group exercises

All exercises with dumbbells for chest muscles are divided into 2 groups:

  • squeezing up;
  • breeding hand in hand.

Each group has different embodiments.All of them promise a high degree of performance in compliance with the rules and system.

Testing of the first group

  • exercises with dumbbells for pectoral muscles in the supine position starting with the initial position: the back is on a flat hard surface, his hands raised to the level of the chest and bent at the elbow, palm facing forward, each clamped sports equipment.Hands lifted up briefly held in this position, then slowly and gently lowered.When lifting an exhalation, when lowering - breath.
  • Similar exercises with dumbbells for chest muscles - when palm "look" at each other, and everything else is done similarly.Thanks to them and strengthened the hands.Next
  • kind of employment is done not on the floor, and on a special bench, which can be set at a certain angle - approximately 35 degrees or 40. If you make it larger, the main burden will have no chest, and in the delta, ie,We did not get the desired effect.Sitting benches raised.Exercising falls on it and perform exercises with dumbbells for chest muscles on the already developed scenario: hands, palms forward and to one another.Special difficulties it causes, and given quite easily.Another variant - when the seat sports benches are not raised and lowered to the appropriate number of degrees.The athlete has to pressing the projectile being upside down.Such exercises for pectoral muscles with dumbbells strengthen more and vestibular system, help fight dizziness.Progress traditional exercises in the two species.

Testing of the second group

  • Technique first lesson is this: the athlete takes the position of lying - on a bench or other flat surface.Hands with shells out to the sides (the pose is similar to the letter T), some elbows bent.Next, the athlete does embracing a circular motion, as if the object in front of it is very large - a full bag, a pole, a giant tree.In this position the hands are held in a short pause, and then smoothly return to their original position.Important: hand slightly bent at all times!Suitable such exercises with dumbbells for the shoulders and chest.The rhythm of breathing is always the same and does not depend on the type of employment.
  • Work on the bench.This type of exercise is the same as in the previous situation, the technique remains the same.
  • ¬ęPullover".It is somewhat different from the previous ones and is performed with a different shell - a dumbbell, but twice the weight exceeding those that passed all the classes.Starting position: lying on his back, hands with dumbbells behind your head wound.To avoid injury, elbows bent, dumbbell rises at an angle of 90 degrees to the floor and gently lowered down.

General recommendations

engaged in the gym or at home, each pursuing its own goals and interests.One important just to pump up the muscles become stronger, while others seek to build muscle.Depending on this selected and the amount of exercise.They are usually performed in 3-4 sets, each of 6 to 12 times their selection can also be changed at will and discretion.